Does Renting the Grandchildren Help Cope with Loneliness?

FifthOutside you do not see loneliness. The lawn is well looked after, and there are flower pots and small plastic windmills in the front yard. A young couple or a family with children can live in a small bungalow in Miami. But the owner is 92 years old, lives alone and can no longer come … Read more

“Children are kings”: forever with a pink tutu on the net

Kimmy and Sami are children and internet stars. The whole world can watch her grow up on Instagram and YouTube. This sounds like a perfect world, but it’s its own inescapable hell in Delphine de Vigan’s novel “Children are Kings.” French Delphine de Vigan is not exactly known as the author of thrillers. Your new … Read more

″ Baby Shark Dance reaches 10 billion views on YouTube | culture | DW

Focusing on working in the home office while your toddler is on the go – that’s more than difficult. It was exactly that, and it often happens in the time of Corona. And although, according to experts, it is better not to watch any videos for children under the age of three, in the past … Read more

In South Tyrol, New Year’s message causes political row

DrMusical New Year’s firecrackers have been echoing for a while. Then suddenly silence. It’s the self-made German rap video “Mama Tyrol” that Jürgen Wirth Anderlan recorded at the beginning of the year. Wirth Anderlan, 49, has been the regional leader of the South Tyrol Rifle Association (SSB) since May 2019. And this is how he … Read more

TV star and mother of four Lily Maria Waite: This is the craziness of my family – people

She knows children! Now actress and mother of four Lily-Maria Witt (39, “Verbutin Libby”) is launching her first brand, Lily-Maria. From March 18, she will be presenting fashion and care products for mothers and children on the sales channel HSE. Reason enough for a BILD interview about her experience as a new mom, the madness … Read more