The starting signal for first-class training and further education: XXXLutz unlocks …

06/24/2022 – 10:15 AM XXXLutz Germany Wolfsburg Ideal framework terms for professional development in a prime location: XXXLutz Academy North focuses on training to become a retail professional Wolfsburg is already the sixth location of the company-owned national training academy This unique graduate program offers four degrees in just 38 months Germany CEO Alois Kobler: … Read more

Industrial Mechanic – Occupation, Training, Salary

As an industrial mechanic, you keep an eye on the details. Photo: Shutterstock/APChanel They can find work in almost every branch of industry, they have an eye for machines and large factories and they can repair them and produce spare parts. But what exactly is an industrial mechanic’s job, how much does one earn in … Read more

Trust and respect as the basis for a good start in career

06/16/2022 – 11:50 am Professional Syndicate of Health and Social Care Services Hamburg (OTS) There is a shortage of professionals in many fields and many companies are desperately looking for interns. Most of all, entry-level jobs successfully complete their training and then stay on the job. It is important for trainees to develop a basic … Read more

Paramedic – Job, Salary and Education

Paramedic: a profession that can save lives. Photo: Shutterstock/Xenon With heart and mind at work, paramedics, along with emergency doctors and paramedics, save lives day and night. But what is the daily work of paramedics, where do they work and how much do they earn? A brief overview of the profession. Stuttgart – Providing psychological … Read more

Training – The situation in the apprenticeship market remains difficult – career path

Berlin (dpa) – According to the federal government, the situation in the training market could continue to relax a bit. However, there is still a big problem that companies and potential trainees find it difficult to meet. According to the current apprenticeship report, which has now been approved by the Federal Cabinet in Berlin, the … Read more

Physiotherapist – Training and Profession

Physiotherapist – a sought-after profession with a future. Photo: Shutterstock/Lopolo Physiotherapists work in hospitals, in practices, are self-employed or are active in the sports sector. They know the human musculoskeletal system like the back of their hands and treat a wide variety of patients. All about the physiotherapist’s profession, tasks and career. Stuttgart – As … Read more

Justice – Bailiff training is also possible as a side entrance – jigsaw

Berlin (dpa) – In the future, professional shifters will also be able to train as preparers in Berlin. Senate Department of Justice spokeswoman Ante Dietrich explained that this applies from the next round of training if there are not enough suitable applicants from the judiciary. So far, the next generation has been recruited from within … Read more

Joint Press Release – Alliance Partners for Training and Further Education begin…

05/04/2022 – 11:06 Federal Employment Agency (BA) Nuremberg (OTS) The Alliance for Training and Further Education partners are starting their Summer Vocational Training again this year. Federal Chancellor, Olaf Schultz, welcomes the coalition in a video message. The campaign targets youth, parents and businesses. Important topics are covered at many events at the federal, state, … Read more

What does a psychotherapist actually do?

Mönchengladbach. Almost 30 percent of all adults in Germany suffer from mental illness each year. There is a similar request for help and support from psychotherapists. In Job History, Sasha Belkadi explains that the road to work is not at all easy. The 31-year-old psychotherapist works in Mönchengladbach and participates in the German Association of … Read more

Labor market: how companies and associations want to integrate Ukrainians

IG Bau warned against exploiting refugees from Ukraine as cheap labour. Photo: Demi Baker/D In Germany, it is assumed that many Ukrainian refugees will stay longer. The job market is open and companies and associations want to merge. But there are also warning sounds. BERLIN – Although the focus is currently on helping and protecting … Read more