Are poorly trained doctors approaching us?

College of Medicine in 2019 Consensus theory and patient learning were common before the pandemic. But in the past two years, this has been substandard. (Photo: dpa) The excellent training of doctors at German universities, often with affiliated clinics, is the cornerstone of the good reputation of this country’s healthcare system. Doctors trained in Germany … Read more

Many vocational training positions will remain vacant in 2022.

after graduation : Many courses are still possible Something creative, something in the craft, in the sales or trade profession – there are still vacancies for many areas of interest. Photo: dpa-tmn / Kirsten Neumann Interns can participate in the daily operations from day one and benefit from their salary. It’s never too late to … Read more

An autistic woman is training to be a chef at the Duden facility

Jun 11, 2022 at 06:20 Vissel Neighborhood Training Initiative by Altana (Episode 7) : Four is not enough for me. Alicia Pechen (right) and her teacher Anja Hagman stand in the kitchen of the Haus Duden Hotel. Photo: Michael Elsing Wessel district Alicia Peschen from Wesel is on her way to complete her training as … Read more

Companies also like to take ‘half skilled workers’

Main construction site The construction industry is urgently looking for workers. (Photo: dpa) Berlin In Germany, the following applies to vocational training: all or nothing. Completed vocational training is seen as the royal road to the labor market. A new study now shows that when searching for skilled workers, many companies are satisfied with certain … Read more

When studying is the wrong choice

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Education or work? Ruslan has a choice

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Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day: Career choices without cliches

Apr 14, 2022 at 12:47 PM Education and study : Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day aim to promote career choices without clichés On Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day campaign days, young people can learn about jobs, deliberately staying away from common clichés. Photo: Mark Beckman Terrier Role models still make up career choices. National Action … Read more

More and more new students without a high school diploma

Lecture hall at the University of Cologne 43 percent of students with a high school diploma have not only completed an apprenticeship, but a business, craft, or technical degree as well. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The number of students without a matriculation certificate has quadrupled in 20 years: today there are already 66,000 who have been … Read more

Training Germany 2021: Far fewer training places

Berlin The training market also weakens significantly in the second Corona year: companies again offer 15,000 fewer vocational training than in the previous year. The bottom line is that there are only 451,000 training positions available this year – in 2019 there were 512,000. This is what the current monthly report from the Federal Employment … Read more