Director: “We are the children of the Bahnhof Zoo”

Los Angeles (AFP) – There he is sitting at his desk in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. The sun shines on Ole Edel’s face. There, in California, where he has lived since 1990. +++ Current celebrity news +++ “Unlike Germany, the sun shines here every day, even in winter,” says the 74-year-old. So chances are good … Read more

The LGBTQI curriculum in Florida schools is taboo

Washington. It must be about protecting children. and parental rights. At least that’s what Ron DeSantis argues. The Republican is the governor of the US state of Florida and he recently signed a law banning “sexual orientation or gender identity” topics from kindergarten through third grade and restricting them to older students. Opponents call the … Read more

Belgian authorities revoke Ferrero’s license for the time being

Frankfurt / Luxembourg / Arlon Due to cases of salmonella in several countries, confectionery giant Ferrero has to stop production at a factory in Belgium for the time being. Afsca’s supervisory body announced on Friday that it would revoke the production license for the Arlon plant as a result of investigations. According to the statement, … Read more

Recalls also in the USA: Factory license revoked – Ferrero appears to have known about the salmonella case for several months

Action Also called in the USA License revoked due to action – Ferrero appears to have known about the salmonella case for several months As of 3:37 pm | Reading time: 4 minutes Source: dpa The suspicion is now certain: Salmonella was found in a Belgian factory for confectionery giant Ferrero. The company had apparently … Read more

Loving Highsmith in Cinema: How Does Life Affect Art? – culture

Young Patricia Highsmith had a very active love life. It wasn’t easy for a gay woman in post-war New York. Gay nightlife was limited to a few related bars, all in the same corner of town. And those who secretly visited these bars preferred to get off one of the metro stations sooner or later … Read more

TV star Cornelia Corba: With her mom on a big trip regional

+++ First vacation in 10 years +++ Munich – She inherited her warmth from her mother! an actress Cornelia Corba (52) and mother Gabrielle “Bella” Bayer (75) are only a few steps apart. She lives on the ground floor, Mama Bella is upstairs. After the sudden death of Corba’s partner Thomas “Tommy” Fuchsberger in 2010, … Read more

Putin’s mysterious daughters are targeted: these are his children

Vladimir Putin keeps them out of the public eye and is very careful not to talk about them. So who are his daughters who will now be punished by the United States and the European Union? Something slipped out of it at once. Vladimir Putin, a war promoter, a Kremlin tyrant, a former KGB officer … Read more

The United States announces new sanctions on Russia – Putin’s children affected

abroad in response to Boucha US Announces New Sanctions Against Russia – Among Other Things Affected By Putin’s Adult Children As of 5:02 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes “The systematic, planned and deliberate actions which are part of war” Political scientist Professor Carlo Masala does not assume that the Bucha massacre was perpetrated by … Read more

Omicron in California – with mandatory vaccination and work from home to get out of the epidemic

Children already know the procedure: open your mouth, put the chopsticks on. PCR testing is now mandatory at this German-speaking daycare center in Culver City, in the greater Los Angeles area. “I wanted parents to get their kids tested twice a week,” explains Ilka Sternberger, who runs the Tivoli Rainbow Garden preschool. Small support: Emile … Read more

Corona Virus: Steco plans new vaccination recommendations for children and adolescents

Germany Corona Virus Stiko plans new vaccination recommendations for children and teens Status: 2:35 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes Corona vaccination in children – Stiko re-evaluates the benefits and risks Source: dpa / Paul Vernon Stiko is considering a new recommendation to vaccinate children and adolescents with Covid 19. The RKI makes a clear … Read more