Artists in the Country: How Life in Northeast Jack Inspired All Professions of the Dam Hamster

Dear Franz Fomann! My father and mother gave me the book “Die Titanenschlacht” and they read it to me.” Thus begins the first letter written by Joachim Dam in 1975 to the author of the children’s book, which was still unknown to him personally. After reading the book, it was Joachim, who was nine years … Read more

War fuels war (

First appearance of Frank Castorff in Dresden: “Wallenstein” by Friedrich Schiller with many texts by Curzio Malaparte Photo: Sebastian Hubei Curzio Malaparte, who was a war correspondent for the Italian daily Corriere della Sera at the time, had dinner with Hans Frank, “the butcher of Poland,” and his wife Brigitte at Wawel Castle in Krakow. … Read more

TV star Cornelia Corba: With her mom on a big trip regional

+++ First vacation in 10 years +++ Munich – She inherited her warmth from her mother! an actress Cornelia Corba (52) and mother Gabrielle “Bella” Bayer (75) are only a few steps apart. She lives on the ground floor, Mama Bella is upstairs. After the sudden death of Corba’s partner Thomas “Tommy” Fuchsberger in 2010, … Read more

“Der Traficant” shows love in the era of dictatorship

April 7, 2022 at 4:00 pm Premiere at Young Theater in Bonn : “Der Traficant” shows love in the era of dictatorship In a beautifully ornate setting, (from left) Nima Konradt, Gurmit Bhojal, Andreas Lachnet (front), Sandra Cranenbach and Daniel Konincks are hooded. Photo: Thomas Kölsch / Young Theater Bonn “Der Trafikant” by Robert Setaler … Read more

Bettina Blanc: Don’t openly deal with failure | – Culture – Broadcasts

Status: 06.04.2022 2:08 PM We all make mistakes, but many of us find it hard to admit mistakes. Educator Bettina Blank explains in an interview why. listen to another 6 minutes Karl Lauterbach retreats as quarantine rules for people infected with Corona are lifted, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier admits mistakes in his policy towards Russia: Recently, … Read more

“Everyone knows the kids were in the theatre.”

On March 16, Russian forces bombed a theater in Mariupol where hundreds of civilians had sought refuge. The death toll is still unclear, and the shock is great. Survivor Report. The destruction of the Mariupol Theater by the Russian army on March 16 shocked the world. Survivors Victoria Dubovitsky and Maria Kotniakova recall with horror … Read more

Radiokolleg – Children’s songs past and present | Is | 30 12 2021 | 9:45

December 30, 2021 at 9:45 am The most clicked YouTube video of all time is a children’s song: “Baby Shark”. People have watched this clip more than 7.5 billion times, as South Korean children dance to traditional American nursery tunes in an animated cartoon. This monotonously sounding but very catchy tune now has countless cover … Read more