Refugee children from Ukraine say: ‘Only my father is missing’ – Starnberg

After fleeing from Ukraine : “My father is just missing” August 5, 2022 at 9:28 pm Reading time: 6 minutes Open the detail view Six children and teenagers from Ukraine spend their summer holidays away from home: Daria, Timofil, Yasya, Sergey, Alexandra and Igor (clockwise from top left) (Photo: Victoria Spinrad (3), Franz Xaver Fox, … Read more

Munich: The Vocational School celebrates its 90th anniversary – Munich

Neither a pretty facade, nor an attractive entrance: it’s a modest building that I’ve probably passed a few times in the hospital district of downtown. You just didn’t notice it. The Max von Pettenkofer Institute for Hygiene and Medical Microbiology of the Ludwig Maximilian University is located in Munich. Little is known about the existence … Read more

Munich: How Retraining to Become a Teacher Works for Career Changers – Munich

Christian Tricarico looks around with some suspicion. The theater scientist, in her mid-40s, is standing on a wooden floor in the motion room of a school with nothing but socks on her feet. It is a Friday evening in early May, and around them stand a hairdresser and a trained confectioner, an office clerk and … Read more

Training – The situation in the apprenticeship market remains difficult – career path

Berlin (dpa) – According to the federal government, the situation in the training market could continue to relax a bit. However, there is still a big problem that companies and potential trainees find it difficult to meet. According to the current apprenticeship report, which has now been approved by the Federal Cabinet in Berlin, the … Read more

Diplom-Finanzwirt: Crisis Resistant Job After Graduation – Your SZ

“Required for intelligent minds” – this is the slogan according to which the tax authorities of Lower Saxony advertise their dual studies. It begins in August and lasts three years. At the beginning of the training, you are paid 1269 euros per month and the tax offices also entice you with a secure job after … Read more

Starnberg: Every fifth coaching position is vacant – Starnberg

The Bavarian Abitur exams are over, in the coming weeks the final exams will be written at Realschulen in the Free State. And like every year around this time, graduates will have to ask themselves how they should go after graduation. In addition to a course of study, a voluntary social year, or an internship, … Read more

Bavaria: There are no study places for psychotherapists – Bavaria

In fact, says Ida Pope, she cannot imagine anything other than becoming a psychotherapist. Closeness to people, an opportunity to help. And she’s also on the right track: In the fourth semester, the 20-year-old is studying psychology at Eichstätt University. But what comes after her bachelor’s degree is currently open to her and her 30 … Read more

Justice – Berlin – Judicial training is also possible as a career changer – Jigsaw

Berlin (dpa) – In the future, professional shifters will also be able to train as preparers in Berlin. At the request of the German news agency DPA, the spokeswoman for the Senate Department of Justice, Antje Dietrich, explained that this would apply from the next round of training if there were not enough suitable applicants … Read more

Justice – Bailiff training is also possible as a side entrance – jigsaw

Berlin (dpa) – In the future, professional shifters will also be able to train as preparers in Berlin. Senate Department of Justice spokeswoman Ante Dietrich explained that this applies from the next round of training if there are not enough suitable applicants from the judiciary. So far, the next generation has been recruited from within … Read more

Landtag – Düsseldorf – Nursery, school, police: SPD wants child protection training – Politics

DUsseldorf (dpa/lnw) – Should elections win in North Rhine-Westphalia, the SPD wants to make child protection training mandatory for teachers, educators, police officers, judges and other professional groups. This was announced by Thomas Kochati, the leading SPD candidate for the May 15 state elections. Under the title “Listen to children better – professionalizing staff,” he … Read more