The starting signal for first-class training and further education: XXXLutz unlocks …

06/24/2022 – 10:15 AM XXXLutz Germany Wolfsburg Ideal framework terms for professional development in a prime location: XXXLutz Academy North focuses on training to become a retail professional Wolfsburg is already the sixth location of the company-owned national training academy This unique graduate program offers four degrees in just 38 months Germany CEO Alois Kobler: … Read more

Now a career in the hospitality industry?

Even before the pandemic, working conditions in the hospitality industry were tough. Now the staff shortage is exacerbating the problems. The industry is trying a fresh start for training. What should potential trainees be thinking about now? “Even before the pandemic, the training market was really tough,” says Christoph Schenk, who heads the hospitality department … Read more

Industrial Mechanic – Occupation, Training, Salary

As an industrial mechanic, you keep an eye on the details. Photo: Shutterstock/APChanel They can find work in almost every branch of industry, they have an eye for machines and large factories and they can repair them and produce spare parts. But what exactly is an industrial mechanic’s job, how much does one earn in … Read more

Many vocational training positions will remain vacant in 2022.

after graduation : Many courses are still possible Something creative, something in the craft, in the sales or trade profession – there are still vacancies for many areas of interest. Photo: dpa-tmn / Kirsten Neumann Interns can participate in the daily operations from day one and benefit from their salary. It’s never too late to … Read more

Paramedic – Job, Salary and Education

Paramedic: a profession that can save lives. Photo: Shutterstock/Xenon With heart and mind at work, paramedics, along with emergency doctors and paramedics, save lives day and night. But what is the daily work of paramedics, where do they work and how much do they earn? A brief overview of the profession. Stuttgart – Providing psychological … Read more

An autistic woman is training to be a chef at the Duden facility

Jun 11, 2022 at 06:20 Vissel Neighborhood Training Initiative by Altana (Episode 7) : Four is not enough for me. Alicia Pechen (right) and her teacher Anja Hagman stand in the kitchen of the Haus Duden Hotel. Photo: Michael Elsing Wessel district Alicia Peschen from Wesel is on her way to complete her training as … Read more

Textile Mechanic – Florian Besold was the best candidate for Bavaria in 2021

09/06/2022 – 11:00 medi GmbH & Co. KG Bayreuth Textile production mechanic Florian Bezold passed his final exam as the best Bavarian examiner in 2021. With an outstanding performance in the exam of 96/100 points, he is one of the best Bavarian trainees. Even after his training, he continued at medi, a medical aid manufacturer … Read more

IHK helps young people find vocational training

Jun 4, 2022 at 06:15 Visel Neighborhood Training Initiative by Altana (Episode 6) : From tips to speed dating Catherine Hassenor is responsible for the Employment on Demand department at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Niederrhein. Photo: Michael Elsing Wessel district The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Lower Rhine offers young people looking for … Read more

Physiotherapist – Training and Profession

Physiotherapist – a sought-after profession with a future. Photo: Shutterstock/Lopolo Physiotherapists work in hospitals, in practices, are self-employed or are active in the sports sector. They know the human musculoskeletal system like the back of their hands and treat a wide variety of patients. All about the physiotherapist’s profession, tasks and career. Stuttgart – As … Read more

Teacher shortage: a change of profession is urgently needed! | – News

Status: 05/09/2022 06:00 AM Teachers are badly needed. That is why schools in Schleswig-Holstein are increasingly looking for practitioners from other professions who would like to change careers. At a school in Bad Segeberg, a former CEO from the business world dares to make a fresh start as a teacher. by Julian Marksen The students … Read more