The starting signal for first-class training and further education: XXXLutz unlocks …

06/24/2022 – 10:15 AM XXXLutz Germany Wolfsburg Ideal framework terms for professional development in a prime location: XXXLutz Academy North focuses on training to become a retail professional Wolfsburg is already the sixth location of the company-owned national training academy This unique graduate program offers four degrees in just 38 months Germany CEO Alois Kobler: … Read more

Alain Ducasse, founder of École Ducasse, visits India to inaugurate the first…

06/17/2022 – 13:01 National School Superiore de Patisserie Gurugram, India, March 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ Star Chef Alain Ducasse, founder of the School of Cooking and Pastry Dukas School And Michelin world record holder, he travels to India to win first Ecole DucasseOpening of the state campus. The campus is located at the Indian School of … Read more

IHK assures the highest quality education seal from Ottobock

06/16/2022 – 11:30 AM Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA beacon in the area IHK assures the highest quality education seal from Ottobock Three years after initial certification, the Hannover Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) has once again certified Ottobock to be of the highest quality in training. the prize The TOP AUSBILDER certification was … Read more

Trust and respect as the basis for a good start in career

06/16/2022 – 11:50 am Professional Syndicate of Health and Social Care Services Hamburg (OTS) There is a shortage of professionals in many fields and many companies are desperately looking for interns. Most of all, entry-level jobs successfully complete their training and then stay on the job. It is important for trainees to develop a basic … Read more

Alessandro Principe: Success Through Sales Training

06/15/2022 – 15:02 Principe Consulting GmbH leprosy Alessandro Principe is the Managing Director of Principe Consulting GmbH in Erkrath. Along with his team of 20 employees, he specializes in advising on premium products and works in advising clients for well-known companies. At the same time, the expert also trains other people to become certified consultants … Read more

Interns desperately want / Dual Perspective Study on Dual Training: …

06/13/2022 – 10:00 u-form Test Systems GmbH & Co KG Solingen Almost four out of five training companies currently assume that they will have more and more difficulties filling trainee positions. More than two-thirds see this as a threat to the company’s skilled workforce. This is evidenced by the current study “Trends in Trainee Employment … Read more

Textile Mechanic – Florian Besold was the best candidate for Bavaria in 2021

09/06/2022 – 11:00 medi GmbH & Co. KG Bayreuth Textile production mechanic Florian Bezold passed his final exam as the best Bavarian examiner in 2021. With an outstanding performance in the exam of 96/100 points, he is one of the best Bavarian trainees. Even after his training, he continued at medi, a medical aid manufacturer … Read more

From garbage collector to owning a street food business: Global Micro Initiative eV…

06/09/2022 – 09:15 A registered association in the Global Micro Initiative Poverty is widespread in the Philippines. People often live in harsh conditions, including residents of a small settlement near a landfill in Olongapo. The Global Micro Initiative eV (GMI) aid organization offers these people an alternative way to finance their livelihood through donation-financed microloans. … Read more

At the beginning of your studies or training: Insurance tips for the first …

06/09/2022 – 08:55 Clark Germany GmbH Frankfurt am Main (OTS) Another academic year is coming to an end – for many school graduates, this is an opportunity to tackle their residential situation at the start of their studies or training. As part of a representative study of the population in collaboration with YouGov, digital insurance … Read more

Campus History: Intern Coordinator | Press Portal

05/31/2022 – 11:55 am University of Bremen Trainee Coordinator: Heinrich Selk Portrait in the series “Campus Stories” The University of Bremen is not just one university A place for students and young scholars, but also about 80 young people are trained in various professions every year. Training is possible in the areas of computer science, … Read more