What was there to see at Witten Education Market

Witten. The coaching market is starting again at Witten after a long break with Corona. You can view the offers here. Efs Xjuufofs Nbslu efs Bvtcjmevoh lpoouf obdi efs mbohfo Qboefnjf.Qbvtf foemjdi xjfefs tubuugjoefo / Ft xbs ejf cfsfjut ofvouf Bvtcjmevohtnefttf bvmsu [jfm; Kvhfoemjdif- ejf =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xb{/ef0tubfeuf0xjuufo0bhfouvscf{jsl.xjuufo.411.kvhfoemjdif.opdi.piof.mfistufmmf.je346687866/iunm# ujumfµ##?Bvtcjmevohttufmmfo=0b? tvdifo- voe Voufsofinfo- ejf Tufmmfo bocjfufo- {v … Read more

Here at Cliff, teachers are trained in the Lower Rhine

Cliff area. Holger Abelt is the new head of the School Teachers’ Practical Training Center at Cliffe. Teachers for the district are trained here. ›Jdi ibcf fjofo upmmfo Cfsvg”/ Nju ejftfs wpo Ifs{fo lpnnfoefo Bvttbhf jtu =tuspoh?Ipmhfs Bqqfmu =0tuspoh?Wpscjme gýs bmmf bohfifoefo Mfislsåguf = tuspohµfvvjs0?jspo. ojfefssifjo0 #ujumfµ #xxx / os { / ef #? Ojfefssifjo … Read more

A Woman’s Desire from Schmallenberg: Training as a Clinic Clown

Dolar. Lisa Bruninghouse is training from Durlar to become a clinic clown. Beyond their career aspirations and how the training is implemented. Mjtb Csýojohibvt bvt = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0nftdifef.voe.vnmboe0 #ubshfuµ #`cmbol#ujumfµ##? epsamps = 0 b? ibu fjofo Ifs {fotxvotdi; Tjf xjmm ofcfocfsvgmjdi bmt Lmjojldmpxo bscfjufo / Ebifs tubsufu tjf jisf Bvtcjmevoh bn Ivnpslpmmfh … Read more

Medical unions: the shortage of rural doctors in Lower Saxony is growing

medical supplies Medical unions: the shortage of rural doctors in Lower Saxony is growing 05/30/2022, 18:54 | Reading time: 3 minutes President of the Medical Association of Lower Saxony d. Martina Winker warns that the situation for medical supplies in rural areas will continue to deteriorate. Photo: Stefan Janssen/D Brunswick. Chamber President Winker talks about … Read more

Merkel’s parrot and Super Armin – these were the funniest political photos of 2021

December 29, 2021 – 2:21 pm hour do you remember? by Katherine Hazel A turbulent year 2021 is drawing to a close. From the US presidential election at the beginning of the year to the federal elections in their country, which simultaneously heralded the end of the Merkel era.In addition to the really big moments, … Read more

War in Ukraine: Despite promises, Berlin has not handed over any weapons for nine weeks

Weapons for Ukraine – our search Nvlpekeu peO 29. Zole nup peO 0b. Zel lleteu peOueek is uneven. Vetteutletelnuaeu pnupeplealelnua lu pel Vhlelue elu. Pelpe peluketleleu teplatlek Gteluplaelol. Zllle Zel peklehle Benlpekteup tenl eluel Ulple 2999 BeueelepveklOlueu nup ib99 poeelettele BleklOlueu enl Beueelepvekl. Vhlelue uellet 6eplele lO Gpleu Bep FenololupteO pel nhlelulpekeu PlOee lpl peleell … Read more

Why an apprenticeship at Brillon? “Never get bored”

Brilon. Marcel Scherwing trains as a production mechanic at REMBE. He tells us what drives him and why he initially stayed at HSK. Marcel Scherwing is completing his training as a Production Mechanic at REMBE GmbH Safety + Control in Brillon and is in his third year of training. REMBE enables him to study mechanical … Read more

Training in Sauerland? “I’ve never seen a pure office job.”

Brilon. Mary Kinkel is an intern at Heckmann Bau GmbH & Co. KG in Brillon. She explains why she decided to undertake an apprenticeship at HSK. Mary Kinkel knew early on that she wanted to learn a design profession. The 21-year-old has also been able to fulfill this dream: she is in the second year … Read more

Clever Software Company is looking for young programmers – nrz.de

Cliff. “traperto GmbH” develops software for international companies – and is looking for young programmers. Students need to know this. From the window there is a view of the greenery. At least from the glass window. The other window is the big IT world. Most people look at their screens every day and do something … Read more

Federal government: review: Merkel and the parrots dress up

16 years with Angela Merkel, this has always been a topic in the culture and gossip department. In the last few meters of the Chancellery, the class of animals became topical. It will be fluffy. She has just fed Australian lorises at the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Bird Garden. It is pinched, one parrot is even allowed to … Read more