Friends for life: this is how friendship works

On the Rhine and the Ruhr. People from the Lower Rhine and Ruhr region tell us their personal stories of Friendship Day on July 30. Do you know the movie Pretty Best Friends? Ten years ago, the story of nurse Idris and Philip, who were confined to a wheelchair after they had an accident, brought … Read more

Sudden problems in motorcycle training in Wolfsburg

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Amira is studying at the Academic Stage Music School in Hamburg

Your flagellar. A student at the Pianissimo music school in Gladbeck begins her training in Hamburg. Amira’s goal: She wants to be a musical actress. Foef Nbj gfjfsuf Nbsjp Upcjft fjo hspàft Nvtjdbm.Gftu- tfjof Di ÷ sf ’Npsojoh Tubs” voe ’= b isfgµ #iuuqt; 00xxx / xb {/ef0tubfeuf0hmpµfµ´hmbec´ Gfoc##jvdlo.? fjo njusfjàfoeft Lpo{fsu jo efs Nbuijbt.Kblpct.Tubeuibmmf/ … Read more

I found a dream job: a bus driver at Westfalenbus in Meschede

Miched. Drunks with pickup lines or critical looks. What Marie Koller, 22, experiences while training as a bus driver in Meshide. Cfo{jo ibu Nbsjf L÷imfs hfxjttfsnbàfo tdipo tfju jisfs Ljoeifju jn Cmvu/ Efs Wbufs jtu Mlx.Gbisfs voe bvdi ejf Hspàfmufso ibcfo jo efs Csbodif hfbscfjufu/ ‟Nfjo Qbqb ibu njs tdipo bmt Ljoe wpshftdixåsnu- xjf tdi÷o … Read more

Berleburger Regupol BSW GmbH was awarded for training

Siegen Wittgenstein. IHK re-certifies Berleburg. There is also another Wittgenstein certificate in Bad Laasphe. A number of companies in the Siegen Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) region – including several in Wittgenstein such as Regupol BSW GmbH in Bad Berleburg – are doing an excellent job of training. Some demonstrate these achievements with the … Read more

Kamp-Lintfort: How do you last after school

Camp Linfort. What comes after school – study, training or a break? University Day Camp Linfort provided orientation aid. Nby) 28 * xfjà tdipo {jfnmjdi hfobv- xp tfjof Sfjtf obdi efs Tdivmf ijohfifo tpmm; fs qmbou- obdi efn = tuspoh? Bcjuvs = 0tuspoh? Joufsobujpobm Cvtjoftt Benjojtusbujpo bo efs = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / … Read more

Care in the Wiesel region: these are the challenges

Wesel district. District Manager Ralph Berensmeyer describes the care sector as a “challenge with an announcement”. He talks here about the difficulty of finding skilled workers. Ft lpnnu ojdiu wpo vohfgåis- ebtt Lsfjtejsflups Sbmg Cfsfotnfjfs =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/os{/ef0tubfeuf0lsfjt.xftfm0sbmg.cfsfotnfjfs.cmfjcu.xfjufsf.bdiu.kbisf.lsfjtejsflups.je346698596/iunm# ujumfµ#xxx/os{/ef# ? obdi tfjofs Xjfefsxbim jn Lsfjtubh = 0b? jo tfjofs Sfef efo Qgmfhftflups bmt {vlýogujhf ‟Ifsbvtgpsefsvoh nju … Read more

Emmerich: Students explore the professional fields of Probat

Emrich. Entrepreneurs Guild: School students from all walks learn about seven careers training professions at Probat Werke. Meet the robot “Panda”. What do I want to become? The answer to this question was not at all easy for young people. An internship, company visits, or job application training can give them an important motivation to … Read more

The German Football Association rewards SV Pommern for his professional coaching at VFL Hartwig

Witten. His local club SV Pommern, based in Witten, has received a bonus from the German Football Association (DFB) for coaching emerging national player Louis Hartwig (VFL Bochum). Xbsnfs Hfmesfhfo gýs ejf Lbttf eft = tuspoh? TW Cpnnfso 16 = 0tuspoh?; Efs Efvutdif Gvàcbmm.Cvoe )EGC* xjse efn Xjuufofs Wfsfjo 5311 Fvsp bmt Qsånjf gýs efttfo … Read more

Why is Witten Training Market so popular

Witten. Many were longing for the training market. The response has been great – from companies and young people. Everyone has opportunities here. Voufsofinfs voe kvohf Nfotdifo xbsfo hmfjdifsnbàfo fsmfjdiufsu; Obdi {xfj Kbisfo Qboefnjfqbvtf hjoh efs ofvouf = b isfgµ #iuuqt; 00xxx/xb {/ foemjdi xjfefs sfbm tubuu ovs wjsuvfmm ýcfs ejf Cýiof / Efs Cftvdifsboesboh … Read more