Pellwormer Save Island Cinema | – News

Status: 04/17/2022 7:30 PM When the projector fails in the only cinema on the North Frisian island of Bellwerm on New Year’s Day, volunteer operators agree that things have to go some way. by Carsten Salzwedel There is not much to do on Pellworm in the evening. Culture and nightlife are a challenge here, and … Read more

Corona Hamburg: What is finally allowed again – despite the hotspot list

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Loving Highsmith in Cinema: How Does Life Affect Art? – culture

Young Patricia Highsmith had a very active love life. It wasn’t easy for a gay woman in post-war New York. Gay nightlife was limited to a few related bars, all in the same corner of town. And those who secretly visited these bars preferred to get off one of the metro stations sooner or later … Read more

“Where the sun rises in Paris”: you don’t play with love? Scheduled!

DrThe Marivaux warning is no longer in effect. Don’t play with love scheduled! The sensational establishment triumphs without stopping and getting involved. In Jacques Audiard’s new movie, love is meant to be a contest, at the end of which there are two winners. And, as is often the case with this director, bodies accommodate the … Read more

Oscar 2022: After Will Smith slapped him in the face, Jada and Will’s mother reports now – Cinema

When the entire world watched a frightened Will Smith, 53, at the Oscars, and comedian Chris Rock, 57, miss a resounding slap in the face, his mother, Caroline, 85, sat in front of the TV in Philadelphia. Will’s mother now says she is completely shocked by the Oscar scandal. She never thought her son would … Read more

“Tof” by Zaida Bergrouth in the cinema: work and love – culture

It’s almost impossible not to love them: momons, these weird white creatures, a cross between a hippopotamus, and yes, what? troll? Snowman? something albino? Anyway, theater director Vivica (Krista Kosonen) is instantly intrigued when she searches through a stack of sketches and encounters sketches with lovable characters. Her host Tove (Alma Pueste) had just stashed … Read more