Fewer accidents due to driving with mom and dad

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Malaria: Hope for the Poor

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TV star Cornelia Corba: With her mom on a big trip regional

+++ First vacation in 10 years +++ Munich – She inherited her warmth from her mother! an actress Cornelia Corba (52) and mother Gabrielle “Bella” Bayer (75) are only a few steps apart. She lives on the ground floor, Mama Bella is upstairs. After the sudden death of Corba’s partner Thomas “Tommy” Fuchsberger in 2010, … Read more

“Der Traficant” shows love in the era of dictatorship

April 7, 2022 at 4:00 pm Premiere at Young Theater in Bonn : “Der Traficant” shows love in the era of dictatorship In a beautifully ornate setting, (from left) Nima Konradt, Gurmit Bhojal, Andreas Lachnet (front), Sandra Cranenbach and Daniel Konincks are hooded. Photo: Thomas Kölsch / Young Theater Bonn “Der Trafikant” by Robert Setaler … Read more

Mother and child meeting in Kempin for refugees from Ukraine

April 5, 2022 at 2:15 pm Mother and child meeting in Kempin for refugees from Ukraine : Where refugee children play and do crafts Nine-year-old Mila from Ukraine and her little brother Artgom enjoy playing in the ball pool at St Peter Alley Day Care Center in Kempen. Photo: Janita Janssen Kempin A Ukrainian Mother-Child … Read more

“I’m glad your children didn’t see the war”

Student Anne Sidorenko faced the unimaginable: the young woman survived in Ukraine for more than ten days while her hometown of Mykolaiv was subjected to brutal air raids and a shortage of supplies. Describe in her own words what she experienced – He hopes to hear. War broke out in Ukraine more than a month … Read more

Oscar 2022: After Will Smith slapped him in the face, Jada and Will’s mother reports now – Cinema

When the entire world watched a frightened Will Smith, 53, at the Oscars, and comedian Chris Rock, 57, miss a resounding slap in the face, his mother, Caroline, 85, sat in front of the TV in Philadelphia. Will’s mother now says she is completely shocked by the Oscar scandal. She never thought her son would … Read more

Mindfulness course in Waiblingen: How to keep yourself relaxed as a mother – Rems-Murr-Kreis

Nicole Volfley is herself a mother and knows what it means to be a mother. Photo: Gottfried Stobel Being a mother is the challenge. At the Waiblingen Family Education Center, mindfulness coach Nicole Wölfle reveals how to stay calm and relaxed. She herself had to learn that, too. Korb / Waiblingen – Nicole Wölfle hasn’t … Read more

Looking for Rasta Dad from Jamaica

March 18, 2017 at 12:00 am Krefeld : Looking for Rasta Dad from Jamaica Jota Weber’s book will be published on March 24th. It’s called “Rastavati” and relates to the search for the father, whom the daughter imagines as a Jamaican with Rasta curls. Photo: Lammertz Krefeld Krefeld pediatrician Jota Weber grew up without her … Read more