Sunglasses made of recycled sea plastic for children – a vision…

06/04/2022 – 12:39 pm Filibabba ApS Tilst, Denmark (OTS) Sunscreen is a must on sunny days, but your eyes should also be well protected from harmful UV rays. The new FILIBABBA sunglasses offer 100% UV protection for curious kids’ eyes thanks to their high-quality lenses with a UV400 filter. This makes sunglasses an important companion … Read more

Event Program Pushing Summer Season/Ready To Go: Mama-san, Lil’ Tiger Rooftop…

04/06/2022 – 11:04 Mongo’s Gastro GmbH food Everyone has certainly asked themselves the question of what the perfect evening should look like. Owners Mama San Spiridon Soukas and Christian Blech launched the answer to this in 2020 at Westviertel in Essen: With their Asian street food restaurant and two other concepts, Lil’ Tiger Rooftop Terrace … Read more

“Love Island”: all the boys fly from the villa and move new shells

05.04.2022 – 14:30 RTTWO Munich (OTS) Grenade dates for Islanders Drama alert causes Jendrik to panic The New Icelanders kick all the men out of the palace “Love Island” Today, April 5, 2022 at 10:15 PM RTLZWEI A day full of contrasting surprises! Cindy and Mark are happy to cuddle. Vanushka and Mehdi spend a … Read more

Games application for children with walking problems

04/05/2022 – 14:55 University of Munich Children with walking difficulties have to painstakingly relearn normal movements. UX designer Fabienne Erben has developed an app for HM’s sensitive insoles leg orthosis, which supports training with child-friendly toys. Gamification technique aims to enhance the self-motivation of young patients and thus their development and participation in social life. … Read more

An ex-girlfriend, jealousy and plans for the future / The “Love Island” community grills…

04/04/2022 – 14:20 RTTWO Munich (OTS) Why doesn’t Ina Jindrick want to kiss? Throat infection and a cake from her mother-in-law Society settle accounts with the islanders Mating ceremony: who wants to be a couple with whom? “Love Island” Today, April 4, 2022 at 10:15 PM RTLZWEI Heavy rain and strong winds fall on Love … Read more

XXXLutz donates €50,000 to children who have fled Ukraine: Hendrikje …

04/04/2022 – 13:31 XXXLutz Germany Munich (OTS) A donation of 50,000 euros from furniture stores with Red Chair goes to the Peter Maffay Foundation, which currently provides housing for about 50 refugees from Ukraine XXXLutz event with the most successful German musician: For Peter Maffei, the partnership with XXXLutz, which has lasted for more than … Read more

Hardballing: love from the first sentence

4/4/2022 – 11:36 am Hamburg (OTS) The most honest way to get to know each other Knowing what you want is especially attractive to many people. But showing that determination on the first date also requires a certain amount of courage. The so-called “inhibition,” a direct, direct form of communication, is precisely what has … Read more

SWR Film “Sugarlove” Featured on FilmWednesday 13.4. at first

The couple focused on “Sugarlove” decide to outsource at least a pragmatic approach to a problem in their relationship. What made you choose this focus? For some time, I have been interested in the work of sociologist Eva Ellos, who researches the extent to which capitalism permeates the emotional world. Romantic love has become a … Read more

Study “Training as the future of the construction industry” 2022 / construction trainees striving for good…

03/31/2022 – 14:17 Soka Construction Wiesbaden (OTS) In their third study after 2012, FAZ BUSINESS MEDIA | Research and SOKA-BAU once again the attitudes, expectations and plans of young professionals from the construction industry in relation to their training and career. Through the study, publishers want to support companies, unions and associations in developing strategies … Read more

The Fairy Tale Cookbook – Grimm’s Culinary World, published by Elsa Publishing

03/31/2022 – 12:41 Andrea Ren PR 2 documents Copyright DAS KOCHB ~ H DER MÄRCHEN D.pdfPDF file size 88 KB Showpage The Cookbook of Fairy Tales.pdfPDF file 392 KB Dear Editors, Today we would like to give you the title of the book again The Fairy Tale Cookbook – The Culinary World of Grimm by … Read more