04/21/2022 – 08:10 cyber learning Oradea, Romania, April 12 /PRNewswire/ The Nistor Bădiceanu Association will use the CYPHER LEARNING platform to provide training courses for teachers – with the aim of supporting low-income students and enabling them to continue their education CYPHER LEARNING, a leading provider of learning platforms to schools, universities and organizations around … Read more

Bettina Blanc: Don’t openly deal with failure | – Culture – Broadcasts

Status: 06.04.2022 2:08 PM We all make mistakes, but many of us find it hard to admit mistakes. Educator Bettina Blank explains in an interview why. listen to another 6 minutes Karl Lauterbach retreats as quarantine rules for people infected with Corona are lifted, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier admits mistakes in his policy towards Russia: Recently, … Read more

″ Baby Shark Dance reaches 10 billion views on YouTube | culture | DW

Focusing on working in the home office while your toddler is on the go – that’s more than difficult. It was exactly that, and it often happens in the time of Corona. And although, according to experts, it is better not to watch any videos for children under the age of three, in the past … Read more

Training trends: The most popular coaching positions in 2022, idenkraftwerk GmbH, press release

The coronavirus has firmly gripped the world since the beginning of 2020, and social and economic life in particular has changed as a result. Lockdowns, short working hours and other restrictions in professional life do not leave their mark on economic development. Do the changes brought about by the Corona crisis affect the selection of … Read more