Dies unvaccinated at the age of 35

April 25, 2022 at 2:15 pm The incidence of seven days in Krefeld is 577 : 265. Corona died – unvaccinated Krefeld dies at the age of 35 Anita Mandt (center), “Early Help” network coordinator, Iris Raue (left) and Jügen Willems of the Sports Bureau. Photo: Krefeld Krefeld 2,068 citizens are currently infected with Covid-19 … Read more

The new Corona regulation is applied immediately – what is changing? | NDR.de – News

Status: 03/21/2022 5:24 PM In the fight against the Corona pandemic, a changed Infection Protection Act is being implemented nationwide as of today. Corona rules have already changed in Lower Saxony. After months of widespread corona requirements such as mask, test requirements, viewer limits, and access rules such as 2G and 3G, only a handful … Read more

The dispute over Corona rules in Hamburg schools: “This is pollution”

The debate over coronavirus measures in Hamburg schools is frustrating parents, teachers and students. In Hamburg, for example, mask requirements have been relaxed, and the frequency of testing will now be reduced after Easter. Opinion about corona protection measures varies widely in Hamburg schools. While the mood among students is quite different, parents and the … Read more

Injured, quarantined – what now? Free Test Rules and its partners | NDR.de – News

A person who is quarantined (or quarantined) due to the Coronavirus must self-isolate at home without face-to-face contact with other people for a specified period of time. During this time, it is not allowed to leave the house or apartment, and visits to other people are also prohibited. The exceptions are medical emergencies, essential visits … Read more

Hannover and Lüneburg: the first children vaccinated against corona NDR.de – News – Lower Saxony

Status: 15.12.2021 7:08 PM In Lower Saxony, children between the ages of five and eleven began to be vaccinated. In a sports hall in Lüneburg, for example, about 200 children had been vaccinated by Wednesday noon alone. In Lüneburg, parents of children with pre-existing diseases, as well as those in contact with risk groups and … Read more

Many children get omicron

January 3, 2022 at 7:00 pm Infectious virus type : Many Bonn children have been infected with omicron Antigen test on crayons. When school starts again next Monday in NRW, an increased number of infections can be expected. Photo: dpa / Peter Kneffel bon The number of mutated virus infections more than doubled in four … Read more

These new isolation and isolation rules are coming | NDR.de – News

Status: 06.01.2022 18:56 Federal and state health ministers are recommending shortening isolation and quarantine times due to the omicron variable. Berns is also supported by the Minister of Health of Lower Saxony. The Conference of Health Ministers proposes reducing the quarantine period for asymptomatic patients to five to seven days under certain conditions. According to … Read more

Halloween 2021 and Corona: ‘Belling Tour’ only considering | NDR.de – Guide

Status: 31.10.2021 00:01 And last year, the authorities were advised not to conduct Halloween tours or celebrations due to Corona. Despite the relaxed rules, kids should also observe some rules this year. It’s a special annual event for kids in the fall: disguised as witches or monsters, they go door to door on Halloween and … Read more

Corona: children in day care must be checked immediately NDR.de – News – Lower Saxony

Status: 02/15/2022 8:43 PM There has always been a mandatory corona test in schools in Lower Saxony. From now on, children who attend a daycare center must also be tested for coronavirus three times a week. Until further notice, the test obligation applies to daycare children aged three years and older. There is no test … Read more