Are poorly trained doctors approaching us?

College of Medicine in 2019 Consensus theory and patient learning were common before the pandemic. But in the past two years, this has been substandard. (Photo: dpa) The excellent training of doctors at German universities, often with affiliated clinics, is the cornerstone of the good reputation of this country’s healthcare system. Doctors trained in Germany … Read more

Munich: The Vocational School celebrates its 90th anniversary – Munich

Neither a pretty facade, nor an attractive entrance: it’s a modest building that I’ve probably passed a few times in the hospital district of downtown. You just didn’t notice it. The Max von Pettenkofer Institute for Hygiene and Medical Microbiology of the Ludwig Maximilian University is located in Munich. Little is known about the existence … Read more

Trust and respect as the basis for a good start in career

06/16/2022 – 11:50 am Professional Syndicate of Health and Social Care Services Hamburg (OTS) There is a shortage of professionals in many fields and many companies are desperately looking for interns. Most of all, entry-level jobs successfully complete their training and then stay on the job. It is important for trainees to develop a basic … Read more

Medical Precision Instruments releases new simulator…

05/27/2022 – 07:54 MMI Spa PISA, Italy, March 1 /PRNewswire/ Simmani Simulator accelerates the spread and adoption of robotic microsurgery Medical Microinstruments (MMI) SpA, a robotics company dedicated to improving clinical outcomes for patients undergoing microsurgical procedures, today announced the launch of the Symani Surgical System Simulator developed by VirtaMed. The simulator will improve, expand … Read more

Nursing Day: How to find a good nurse for mom

For many, as they get older, there comes a time when they are no longer able to take care of themselves and the family on their own. Spouses, children, relatives, and friends can provide support, but they usually cannot provide full-time care on a permanent basis. If a parent or a single parent is suddenly … Read more

Surgical assistant training begins in the fall

Deputy LHS Pernkopf and L.R. Teschl-Hofmeister present new job profile St. Polten (OTS/NLK) – “Since the healthcare system in particular has been and remains very demanding in times of pandemic, we in Lower Austria are striving to achieve the goal of preparing as well as possible for the future. That is why we have put … Read more

Illumina helps German hospital leadership accelerate…

04/25/2022 – 08:01 Illumina, Inc. San Diego, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ A study from Hannover Medical School will evaluate the use of whole genome sequencing to show positive effects of early diagnosis and treatment in children suspected of having genetic disorders. Illumina, Inc. announced. (NASDAQ:ILMN), the global leader in DNA sequencing and matrix-based technologies, today announced … Read more

NRW State Elections: FDP Relies on One-Year Training and Robotics in Care/…

04/24/2022 – 12:07 Health TV Hearth/Cologne (OTS) Susan Schneider, a health policy spokeswoman for the FDP, emphasized on We Choose Health that the FDP wants to promote digitalization in the health care industry. According to Dr Frank Rinken, head of Dortmund’s health department, this is urgently needed in his district. So far, Renken sees no … Read more

What does a psychotherapist actually do?

Mönchengladbach. Almost 30 percent of all adults in Germany suffer from mental illness each year. There is a similar request for help and support from psychotherapists. In Job History, Sasha Belkadi explains that the road to work is not at all easy. The 31-year-old psychotherapist works in Mönchengladbach and participates in the German Association of … Read more

‘Any joints that stay broken’: How bad are headphones for children?

“What commas remain broken” How harmful are headphones for children? 1/1/2022 12:24 PM Headphones are often given as gifts, including to children. The advantage is clear: everyone can hear what they want and as loudly as they want without disturbing others. But aren’t headphones unfavorable for children’s ears – and what should you pay attention … Read more