So as not to spoil the apprenticeship: the exchange of apprentices on the beach

June 21, 2022 @ 3:29 pm Training in Krefeld : So as not to spoil the apprenticeship: exchange of apprentices at the beach club Speed ​​Dating intern in the Sand: There was a lot of interest in Löschhofweg Beach Club. Photo: Andreas Bishop Krefeld Forty companies from the Lower Left Rhine region gathered together on … Read more

Many vocational training positions will remain vacant in 2022.

after graduation : Many courses are still possible Something creative, something in the craft, in the sales or trade profession – there are still vacancies for many areas of interest. Photo: dpa-tmn / Kirsten Neumann Interns can participate in the daily operations from day one and benefit from their salary. It’s never too late to … Read more

Training: the number of apprenticeships in Hamburg has decreased significantly

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