Ercklins Fire Brigade Wolfgang Willemsen died

May 28, 2022 at 5:10 am erclens fire brigade : Wolfgang Willemsen has monitored respiratory protection for 24 years Chief Firefighter Wolfgang Willemsen (center) has been responsible for training and supervising respiratory wearers for 24 years. Photo: RUTH KLAPPROTH erclens Wolfgang Willemsen conveys his duties. He led the training and control of the carriers of … Read more

FW-F: Girls’ Day in the Fire Brigade in Frankfurt am Main – “Dad at work around …

04/28/2022 – 15:36 Frankfurt am Main fire brigade Frankfurt am Main (OTS) 13-year-old Saskia from Hanau Großauheim had this fun as part of this year’s Girls’ Day at the Fire Brigade. Her father Stephen B. , a professional firefighter in the fire department in Frankfurt am Main for many years, deputy service group leader and … Read more

FW Mettmann: Volunteering in the Mettmann Fire Brigade! Training begins…

04/24/2022 – 14:24 metman fire brigade metman (ots) You might think the fire service is an elite community. Only 0.25% of Mitman residents join the fire brigade and are ready to help people and animals in need. This sounds a little too much – it is. There may be various reasons for this. There is … Read more

Five missiles hit Lviv – seven dead

The Russian army apparently carried out a major offensive: according to a new report, five missiles were fired at the city of Lviv. Several people died. Photo series with 20 photos Before the big and frightening attack in eastern Ukraine, Russia attacked again in the west of the country on Monday. According to Ukrainian sources, … Read more

Device manager Wolfgang Arntz says goodbye

Oct 15, 2021 at 5:45 am Fire brigade veteran Wolfgang Arntz : ‘Father’ steps down Equipment manager Wolfgang Arnz is retiring from his job as a full-time equipment manager – but he hasn’t yet fully shut down his firefighting boots. Cliff Wolfgang Arntz has been with the Cliffe Volunteer Fire Brigade for 44 years. As … Read more

Firefighters and paramedics receive teddy bears: stuffed animals as a rescue

sIt’s brown and soft and it’s quite a lot. Nearly 580 rescue bears crammed into the lobby of the Bad Homburg city fire station on Monday. Stacking is possible because most dolls are in boxes, 24 in one. The job of stuffed animals is to save lives during emergency operations. If the child is in … Read more

Passed squad training in Ribbnitz-Damgarten: new fire brigade

Since March 7th, 23 firefighters have been busy mobilizing and training, and now it’s over. On Saturday, everyone was able to successfully complete the Soldiers Course. They belong to the fire brigades of Ribbenitz-Damgarten, Derhagen, Arenshoop, Westrow, Eixen, Dettmannsdorf Kolzow and Marlowe. The course, which lasted several weeks, took place at the Ribbnitz firefighter’s equipment … Read more