Opinion: Europe must not let talks collapse in Mali | Comments | DW

It’s been discussed for a long time, and now it’s finally over: the European Union is suspending operational training for members of the Malian army and national guard. This move is totally correct and it is too late. Because for several months there have been serious doubts about the honesty and transparency of the financial … Read more

Science Minister Thumler criticizes universities

Honorable Minister, universities are constantly complaining about the Bologna system. Is this justified? Reinhard Bengner Political correspondent for Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Bremen based in Hanover. Under the conditions of Bologna, students have less freedom and more guidance than before. A university cannot be a school. Digitizing teaching in the context of a pandemic can … Read more

Putin’s mysterious daughters are targeted: these are his children

Vladimir Putin keeps them out of the public eye and is very careful not to talk about them. So who are his daughters who will now be punished by the United States and the European Union? Something slipped out of it at once. Vladimir Putin, a war promoter, a Kremlin tyrant, a former KGB officer … Read more

Suddenly Europe faces a new danger

Good morning dear reader It was a bombardment of thunder that struck millions in their limbs. Nobody expects: Donald Trump, Big-mouth conceited television suddenly found itself the election winner on the night of November 9, 2016. His opponent, the earnest and arrogant Hillary Clinton, failed because of Barron’s allegations of lies, but above all because … Read more

Changing course in Germany: as a leading country, a fiasco

Good morning dear reader If you want to subscribe to Dawn, you can Use this link. Then you will receive our newsletter every morning at 6 am by email for free. Here’s an annotated overview of today’s topics: Suddenly unrecognizable. It looked as if it had grown up, stiff in the joints, inflexible and ossified. … Read more