Masks no longer mandatory in high schools from Monday – SWR Aktuell

Students, teachers, and parents – they don’t always agree. When it comes to mask requirements, students and teachers have the same view – only parents are shy. The majority of parents wanted masks to be removed from all schools in the Rhineland-Palatinate, says Rainer Schladweiler, a parent spokesman for the Rhineland-Palatinate, referring to a non-representative … Read more

Corona incidence in children and adolescents – SWR Aktuell

Here you can find out how the number of infections and hospitalizations among children has developed in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. It has not yet been clarified how children are exposed to the risk of corona infection. There are indications that a significant number of children are developing Covid, that is, a long-term variant. In addition, … Read more

‘Querdenker’ undermines compulsory education in BW with free ‘schools’ – SWR Aktuell

More than 30 school-like groups at BW are working to undermine compulsory education. Initiators often belong to the “side-thinker” environment – and see the actions of Corona as a danger to children. At the foot of a cliff near Kirchheim unter Teck (Esslingen district), the sounds of children come from an overgrown garden plot. All … Read more

Interview with Minister of Education – SWR Aktuell

What can schools in Baden-Württemberg do for children and young people who have fled the war in Ukraine? A conversation with Education Minister BW Schopper. SWR: Your Honor, how can Ukrainian refugees be integrated into schools in Germany, in Baden-Württemberg, once we have the language barrier in front of us? Teresa Schober: The language barrier … Read more

Recognizing and Strengthening Gifted Children – SWR2

Migrant girls and children in particular are often not recognized as gifted. How could this change? What is the best way to support gifted children? Download audio file (23.6MB | MP3) Talent is still attached to many cliches Prejudice and clichés make life difficult for many gifted people. Weird freak, little genius, lonely viper – … Read more