Artists in the Country: How Life in Northeast Jack Inspired All Professions of the Dam Hamster

Dear Franz Fomann! My father and mother gave me the book “Die Titanenschlacht” and they read it to me.” Thus begins the first letter written by Joachim Dam in 1975 to the author of the children’s book, which was still unknown to him personally. After reading the book, it was Joachim, who was nine years … Read more

We need to talk about flexibility

Berlin – The Russian invasion of Ukraine brings the war closer to us. We see Ukrainian civilians defending their country. The Prussian general Gerhard von Scharnhorst (1755-1813) appears modern with his description of the “national militia” according to which “all the inhabitants of a state are born defenders”. Germany’s current Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock of … Read more

Mom Mia! This is how ABBA inspired East German fans

Well do you remember? ABBA appeared in 1974 after winning the Grand Prix on the GDR show “Ein Kessel Buntes”. The presentation image is also decorated with the GDR LP version of “Waterloo”. Photo: Amiga Mom Mia! Did this news stun you further, too? Agnetha, Björn, Benny, Anna-Frid and ABBA for short, are back with … Read more