Shortlist: Two nominations that surprised me |

Status: 09/21/2021 5:16 PM It always feels like the first look at a color bag: Since Tuesday, we’ve known six books shortlisted for the German Book Prize. Maren Aring of Literary Editors talks about how colorful this mix really is. How was your first look at this colorful bag? Were there any surprises? Marine Arrange: … Read more

Corona’s consequences: “major disorders” in children and adolescents

Status: 10.12.2021 6:01 PM Studies indicate that nearly a third of children now suffer from psychological problems associated with Corona, and they are afraid and do not feel well. A conversation with child and adolescent psychotherapist Renate Engelhardt Tubs of the Winnicott Institute in Hannover. Mrs. Engelhardt Tubbs, How do children and young people feel … Read more

Bettina Blanc: Don’t openly deal with failure | – Culture – Broadcasts

Status: 06.04.2022 2:08 PM We all make mistakes, but many of us find it hard to admit mistakes. Educator Bettina Blank explains in an interview why. listen to another 6 minutes Karl Lauterbach retreats as quarantine rules for people infected with Corona are lifted, and Frank-Walter Steinmeier admits mistakes in his policy towards Russia: Recently, … Read more

Krefeld Aid Project wants to advise more children and parents

April 4, 2022 at 5:22 pm A year ago, the Children’s – NRW Creates Opportunity program began : Project Aid wants to advise more children and parents Beate Gramm, Barbara Kathage, Andrea Vogt, Lutger Firneburg and Sabrina Diana Lesch (from left) are sponsoring the project in Krefeld. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (DJ) Krefeld A year ago, … Read more