Jessica, Kevin, Tyler: When children become victims of their parents | – History

Status: 03/11/2022 3:10 PM Neglect, abuse or shaken to death: Dramatic cases of child abuse have repeatedly rocked northern Germany. The perpetrators usually come from the immediate family circle. Overview. Police crime statistics in the past few years always come to a bitter conclusion. In 2020 alone, 152 children violently died. There was also an … Read more

Escape and sexual violence: When children find only suffering rather than protection

When protection is abused: the risks lie in the German asylum system for Ukrainian children, because the taboo subject of sexual violence against boys and girls is still not enough. Serious consequences for children. Dusseldorf, 6 March. An 18-year-old refugee from the war in Ukraine is alleged to have been raped by two men, who … Read more