war | Consequences for children: ‘The situation is terrible’

The stadiums have become a war zone in Ukraine. Children hear the missile attacks, lose their parents – or die themselves in the bomb attacks. Expert report dire consequences. Little Vlad is wearing a blue jacket, has pulled his hood and his hands are sinking into his jacket pockets. The six-year-old looks sad – he … Read more

Melnik angry with former Merkel adviser: ‘Putin understands forever’

Germany Ukraine Ambassador “Puttenvester forever” – Melnik angry with former Chancellor Merkel As of 7:01 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Ukraine Needs Heavy Weapons – And Schultz Still Reluctant Ukraine continues to order more weapons as a major Russian offensive in Donbas threatens. Foreign Minister Barbock has spoken in favor of providing Ukraine with … Read more

Mayor Bucha: The number of bodies found is increasing every day ″ | Europe | DW

And in the Bucha suburb of Kyiv, northwest of the Ukrainian capital, the bodies of citizens shot dead were scattered in the streets after the withdrawal of the Russian army. We are talking about war crimes. Mass graves of tortured people were also found. Infrastructure has been destroyed and life is slowly returning to the … Read more

Putin’s mysterious daughters are targeted: these are his children

Vladimir Putin keeps them out of the public eye and is very careful not to talk about them. So who are his daughters who will now be punished by the United States and the European Union? Something slipped out of it at once. Vladimir Putin, a war promoter, a Kremlin tyrant, a former KGB officer … Read more

The United States announces new sanctions on Russia – Putin’s children affected

abroad in response to Boucha US Announces New Sanctions Against Russia – Among Other Things Affected By Putin’s Adult Children As of 5:02 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes “The systematic, planned and deliberate actions which are part of war” Political scientist Professor Carlo Masala does not assume that the Bucha massacre was perpetrated by … Read more

Suddenly Europe faces a new danger

Good morning dear reader It was a bombardment of thunder that struck millions in their limbs. Nobody expects: Donald Trump, Big-mouth conceited television suddenly found itself the election winner on the night of November 9, 2016. His opponent, the earnest and arrogant Hillary Clinton, failed because of Barron’s allegations of lies, but above all because … Read more

Ukraine war: ‘They ran over families with tanks’

“Ble lnpplpeke Fulpe kel pevlepeu, pepp ple uulpoletlek lolel” kepeu ple aeuee Bealuu pepelel. llolu vel elue pekl lnuae Plepl, elue huOtullepte nup Oupelue Plepl. Bep kel ple Bnppeu pekl epellepekl. lkueu vel uuu pel elaeueu Bluoeaeupe eluaellleklell vulpeu, ple Vhlelue pel leehploupla, ple Vhleluel velpeu lu vluelaeu Fonpelu tepeu nup lnpplpeke Glupel hlenelaeu. Vup … Read more