Brandenburg / Saxony-Anhalt: the development of the region | Municipality 21

[2.5.2022] Together with the network operator DNS: NET, several municipalities in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt are implementing gigabit expansion, thus increasing their attractiveness as residential and commercial sites. Municipalities in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt are increasingly relying on fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) expansion and are looking for regional partners who can expand and guarantee higher frequency bands. In 2021, … Read more

Berlin follows suit: training the preparer is also possible as a side entry

They hold and leave and often have to deal with difficult clients. The bailiffs bear a lot of responsibility. Is training still fair? In the future, professional shifters will also be able to train as preparers in Berlin. Senate Department of Justice spokeswoman Ante Dietrich explained that this applies from the next round of training … Read more

Her family wants to receive her – and fails because of Berlin

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have already fled to the German capital to escape the war and violence. Many Berliners would like to help them and take them home. But it’s not always that easy. On a Friday in mid-March, Marko and Alain Lipka stand at Berlin Central Station holding a cardboard sign. The parents … Read more

Corona Virus and Schools: “Children wear the mask out of fear”

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