Dog trainer Jochen Bendel: Stop throwing balls!

Jochen Bendel became known to a wide audience as the director of the game show “Ruck Zuck” (1992-2005). He currently presents, among other things, “Haustier sucht Herz” (Saturday 1 Gold) and a late-night show for “Promi Big Brother” (six times). The love of dogs, as well as the joy of working with people, was a … Read more

“Lionheart”: Monica Helfer tells the story of her brother | – Culture

Status: 01/31/2022 1:48 PM After the successes of Dai Bajaj and Fati, Monica Helfer wrote another novel about her family. In her new book “Löwenherz,” the author tells the story of her brother Richard. listen to another 5 minutes by Alexander Solloch Canned Heat’s “On The Road Again” is the song Richard listens to every … Read more

“If children are encouraged, they remain faithful to reading”

April 8, 2022 at 3:00 pm Tips for reading from Vohwinkel : “If children are encouraged, they remain faithful to reading” Gesa Jürgensen knows that children in particular are passionate about fairy tales. Photo: Potato, Stefan (Friday) Fohoenkle The Jürgensen Library dedicates a large area to children’s literature. Owner Gesa Jürgensen talks about the love … Read more

Diversity in children’s books: OK – and did you do well? | – Culture – Book

Status: 04/02/2022 06:00 AM The topic of diversity in children’s books has been the subject of debate for some time. Our reporter spoke to an editor, activist, and literary editor about this. by Katja Esbach Through literature we understand the world. This does not mean educational or pedagogical at all, but rather: literature at best … Read more

Laurie Penny presents her new book

March 10, 2022 at 4:24 pm Laurie Penny in FFT : “Love is political” Laurie Penny says the sexual revolution started a long time ago. Pictured: Sam Braslow Düsseldorf Her appearance in Dusseldorf is like a match at Lori Penny. The British writer and activist was met with a lot of acclaim when her new … Read more

Looking for Rasta Dad from Jamaica

March 18, 2017 at 12:00 am Krefeld : Looking for Rasta Dad from Jamaica Jota Weber’s book will be published on March 24th. It’s called “Rastavati” and relates to the search for the father, whom the daughter imagines as a Jamaican with Rasta curls. Photo: Lammertz Krefeld Krefeld pediatrician Jota Weber grew up without her … Read more