Munich: How Retraining to Become a Teacher Works for Career Changers – Munich

Christian Tricarico looks around with some suspicion. The theater scientist, in her mid-40s, is standing on a wooden floor in the motion room of a school with nothing but socks on her feet. It is a Friday evening in early May, and around them stand a hairdresser and a trained confectioner, an office clerk and … Read more

Back in West Pomerania: the domestic workers started taking care of the children

On the other hand, the love of her ancient homeland Annika Zerzow brought back to Western Pomerania after several years in Lower Saxony. She grew up in Crane and, after graduating from school in 1998, began her apprenticeship as an office clerk at Anclamer Maublewerk. However, since the company went bankrupt while she was still … Read more

How things should go after the election in nurseries

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Emergency care at the Körnerstrasse day care center in Krefeld for several months

Apr 19, 2022 at 5:15 am Day care center on Körnerstrasse in Uerdingen : Parents despair of emergency care The daycare center Körnerstraße in Uerdingen appears to be deserted. It’s been months since all the kids have been able to play together here on the farm, says the Parents Council. Photo: Lammerts, Thomas (Lamb) Krefeld … Read more

Sharp rise in child endangerment cases | – News

Status: 07.04.2022 5:00 AM It appears that more and more children in Schleswig-Holstein are not safe at home, or are being neglected or abused. by Ann Basu Parents leave their young child alone at home; The mother does not care if her son plays on the smartphone for hours; The alcoholic father regularly freaks out, … Read more

Childcare: A sick person in day care – Politics

Appropriately, Andreas Kovner was announced on the show as the “first speaker” on the topic of resilience. The former competitive athlete was invited to speak at Germany’s KITA management conference on Thursday, where he will explain to hundreds of teachers how they can achieve “a high level of performance day in and day out” despite … Read more

Mother and child meeting in Kempin for refugees from Ukraine

April 5, 2022 at 2:15 pm Mother and child meeting in Kempin for refugees from Ukraine : Where refugee children play and do crafts Nine-year-old Mila from Ukraine and her little brother Artgom enjoy playing in the ball pool at St Peter Alley Day Care Center in Kempen. Photo: Janita Janssen Kempin A Ukrainian Mother-Child … Read more