Nursing Day: How to find a good nurse for mom

For many, as they get older, there comes a time when they are no longer able to take care of themselves and the family on their own. Spouses, children, relatives, and friends can provide support, but they usually cannot provide full-time care on a permanent basis. If a parent or a single parent is suddenly … Read more

School Law Questions: What happens if my child drops out of school?

As soon as the children grow up, they go to school. This new stage of life presents a great challenge for both young and old. As soon as it is time to come to school, parents ask themselves dozens of questions. What is actually allowed in the classroom and what rights and duties do students … Read more

When is a relationship toxic? Signs, consequences and risks

Updated: 04/14/2022 – 12:38 PM An expert explains Dysfunction and manipulation: When is a relationship toxic? Photo: Getty Images / Carles Navarro Parcerisas A toxic relationship harms mental health over time. In an interview, an expert explains what those affected can do. When is love between two people toxic? In an interview, psychologist Christian Heimsheimer … Read more

Dirk, Silk & Co.: These first names were the rage in the German Democratic Republic

04/12/2022 – 16:29 Dirk, Silk & Co. do you remember? These first names were the rage in the German Democratic Republic Photo: Getty Images/dm909 Silk, Dirk, Simon: That is the name of many children in the German Democratic Republic. The list is long of names that were popular in the times of the GDR, but … Read more

Lymphangioma: Swelling that is often sudden in children

a hemangioma It can happen suddenly, due to a simple cold and suddenly a plum-sized swelling grows on the neck of the child. Has difficulty swallowing or even breathing. In an interview, an expert explains the symptoms to look out for and the remedial measures available. Lymphangioma usually appears as a lump Often it becomes … Read more

“Honey, we need a project!” How does love last?

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Sleep: What role does love play in our sleep at night?

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Kinder Schokolade: EM special edition with childhood photos

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