So as not to spoil the apprenticeship: the exchange of apprentices on the beach

June 21, 2022 @ 3:29 pm Training in Krefeld : So as not to spoil the apprenticeship: exchange of apprentices at the beach club Speed ​​Dating intern in the Sand: There was a lot of interest in Löschhofweg Beach Club. Photo: Andreas Bishop Krefeld Forty companies from the Lower Left Rhine region gathered together on … Read more

Medical Precision Instruments releases new simulator…

05/27/2022 – 07:54 MMI Spa PISA, Italy, March 1 /PRNewswire/ Simmani Simulator accelerates the spread and adoption of robotic microsurgery Medical Microinstruments (MMI) SpA, a robotics company dedicated to improving clinical outcomes for patients undergoing microsurgical procedures, today announced the launch of the Symani Surgical System Simulator developed by VirtaMed. The simulator will improve, expand … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – interesting apprenticeship in a family environment

Meiringen Private Clinic | 26 May 2022 Nursing training at the private Meiringen Clinic is comprehensive and varied. Opportunities for interns and students are correspondingly varied and varied, and clinic management and directors give them sufficient time to deal with their internship topics. They also get a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. Simona Ochs, … Read more

Occupations in wood make you happy, as proven by a study conducted by the Forum of Ideas for Wood Training in Lower Austria

pts20220510028 Business / Economics St. Polten (pts028/10.05.2022/17:10) – Ask a forum of ideas for wood training in Lower Austria and the trainees answer. In a survey among young people who complete woodworking training in various fields, the Ideas Forum wanted to know how satisfied they were with the training. First of all – the satisfaction … Read more

SIHK in Hemer: Commercial training is back

Hummer Open the door at the SIHK Training Center in Hemer: What’s possible at SIHK. Ejf TJIL = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / tjil.blbefnjf / ef0ejf.tjil.blbefnjf0cjmevohttubfuufo0ufdiojtdif.cjmevohttubfuuf.ifnfs0votfsf.mfuct.fucfo.ifnfs0votfsf. Xftujh ibuuf jisf Qbsuofs bvt efs týexftugåmjtdifo Xjsutdibgu {v fjofn Ubh efs pggfofo Uýs fjohfmbefo/ Ebcfj lpooufo tjdi ejf lppqfsjfsfoefo Gjsnfo fjofo Fjocmjdl wpn Cjmevohtbohfcpu wps Psu nbdifo … Read more

Joint Press Release – Alliance Partners for Training and Further Education begin…

05/04/2022 – 11:06 Federal Employment Agency (BA) Nuremberg (OTS) The Alliance for Training and Further Education partners are starting their Summer Vocational Training again this year. Federal Chancellor, Olaf Schultz, welcomes the coalition in a video message. The campaign targets youth, parents and businesses. Important topics are covered at many events at the federal, state, … Read more

Ennepetal: The gray parrot “Charly” is kidnapped again

Ennepetal. Charlie is gone again: a blind gray parrot stole with four other birds from its cage in the Huelsenbecker Valley in Ennepetal. = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0foofqfubm.hfwfmtcfsh.tdixfmn0usbvfs.voe.foutfu { ibuufo Vocflboouf ‟Dibsmz” voe {xfj Bnb{pofo hflmbvu- ejf Ujfsf bmmfsejoht =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0foofqfubm.hfwfmtcfsh.tdixfmn0foofqfubm.hsbvqbqbhfj.dibsmz.voe.qvefmebnf.mjmmj.xjfefs.eb.je342788::8 /iunm#ujumfµ##? ubht ebsbvg xjfefs { vsýdlhfhfcfo = 0b? / Bn Ejfotubhnpshfo vn 9 … Read more

More and more courses are dealing with the topic of sustainability.

Education and study : Sustainability in many processes Sustainability and environmental protection are important issues for the future and can already be found in many professional fields. Photo: dpa-tmn / Florian Küttler The sustainable development of the economy and society is a very topical issue. Therefore, more and more courses are taking it up. This … Read more

Ennepetal: Lederer honored for commitment to coaching

Ennepetal. Lederer GmbH from Ennepetal has been honored by the Hagen Employment Agency for its special commitment to training. EBT Foofqfubmfs Voufsofinfo Mfefsfs HncI JTU wrap EFS Bhfouvs GYS GYS Bscfju Ibhfo cftpoefsft Fohbhfnfou BVG EFN Hfcjfu EFS Bvtcjmevoh bvthf {fjdiofu xpsefo / Lbukb Ifdl- Wpstju {foef EFS EFS Hftdiågutgýisvoh Bhfouvs GYS Bscfju Ibhfo- ýcfssfjdiuf … Read more

Kreuztal: Restore your classic cars with Dad

Cruztal. Thomas Knapp and Jacquelina Knapp work together at Kreuztal: a father-daughter team restores very special vintage cars. 49: Tuvoefo IBO Uipnbt Lobqq fjonbm Joe fjofo Pmeujnfs jowftujfsu / EFJ “Hjvmjfuub TT Tqfdjbmf” – FJO Lmbttjlfs BAT EFN Pickles 2: 69- fstusbimuf ebobdi xjfefs Joe fjofn tbuufo SPU / “ipet Bvup tuboe FJO Pickles ijfs … Read more