Polytechnic classes in collapsed again soon? Old ideas must be re-launched

Dessau / MZ – There are well-equipped training rooms at the Dessau Vocational Training Center “Hugo Junkers”. Years ago, students from the Kreuzberg and Zuberberg schools were able to learn about professions and get a taste of hands-on work on a pilot project. Doreen Reinhardt, deputy principal at Anhalt Vocational School Hugo Yonkers, says the … Read more

Our military learns from the best.

become this year Members of the 7th Jagger Brigade from the army in US Army Ranger School Complete one of the most demanding military training courses in the world – and pass on their new knowledge in Austria. 49 push-ups and 59 sit-ups in two minutes each and 5 miles (about eight kilometers) in 40 … Read more

‘Quality campaign for teacher training is a joke’: VDR chief Böhm calls for making the profession (again) more attractive to young people

Berlin. The German Teachers Association Realschule (VDR) is participating in the debate on teacher training, which is currently being conducted on News4teachers. Federal President Jürgen Bohm calls for “increasing the attractiveness of the teaching profession, enhancing performance orientation and securing future viability” in order to recruit young people in a meaningful way. He sees politics … Read more

Three companies are desperately looking for reinforcements

The three industrial companies VS, Weinig and Mafi on Hochhuser Strasse in Tauberbischofsheim offer a total of 18 possible apprenticeships. All possibilities are open to school graduates in the technical as well as in the administrative field. The spectrum ranges from carpenter and industrial mechanic to industry clerk and dual studies in industrial engineering or … Read more

An insight into the world of food retail work: Girls’ and Boys’ Day in…

04/25/2022 – 10:45 AM Netto Marken-Discount Stiftung & Co. KG document PM_Netto Marken-Disc ~Day_Presence.pdfPDF – 62 KB Curious about the world of food retail work? Then go to Netto: Girls’ and Boys’ Day for Schoolchildren at Netto Marken-Discount Maxhütte-Haidhof, April 2022 – On Thursday, April 28, 2022, on nationwide Girls’ and Boys’ Day, Netto Marken-Discount … Read more

Why do trainees choose the construction industry

How do apprentices in the construction industry know their apprenticeship? Are you satisfied with your education? What are your goals for the next ten years? A current study provides answers to these questions – and also explains why skilled workers are leaving the construction industry. A total of about 42,500 young people are currently being … Read more

Why doesn’t Germany supply Ukraine with heavy weapons? | world | DW

The German government gave several reasons not to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons. Are these justifications correct? Germany is simply following in the footsteps of its allies This has been Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s motto since the outbreak of the war. He does everything in close coordination with NATO partners and the European Union, he says. … Read more

How things should go after the election in nurseries

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What to do if nursing students are mentally disturbed?

Nursing training: What to do if nursing students are mentally outstanding? straight to content picture Fatigue and depression April 24, 2022 We asked someone who should know: Klemens Hundelshausen, a former nurse who gives seminars on mental health issues among interns. It is currently facing a higher demand than ever Pflege-online: The German Nursing Council … Read more

Hamburg School: Many students run the Abi program without a high school recommendation

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