“Mom, I don’t want to die.”

Trigger warning: The following text describes the violent death of a child. You should only read if you like it. When his family in Kyiv is packing their things, six-year-old Maxim gets scared. He says, “Mom, I don’t want to die. I’m too young.” His mother tries to calm him down: “What are you talking … Read more

Pop star obsessing over her family: ‘When I dropped a pen, they panicked’

Interview with Stefan Stürmer: Schlagerstar accommodates the family: ‘When I dropped the pen, they panicked’ Thursday, 03/24/2022, 21:52 Successful star Stefan Stormer usually sings about the perfect world. He has now brought relief supplies to the Ukrainian border and taken four people into his home. The experience left a lasting impression on him. DOMRADIO.DE: How … Read more

Love in mind: the candidates

The dating format “Love in Mind” will run on Saturday 1 of mid-April. Who are the candidates? Here you will find all the information about the participants. On Monday, April 11, 2022, “Love in the Mind – Experience of Marriage” begins in Saturday 1. On the show, 28 singles have the opportunity to get to … Read more

With “JunOst” and “Druzi”: BJR is looking for assistants for children and youth from Ukraine – Nuremberg

– The work of the Bavarian Youth Council (BJR) has changed a lot as a result of the Ukraine war. An offer from the association “Junost” aims to support children and young people after their arrival in Germany. Still searching for supporters for this. A large percentage of people who come to Germany from Ukraine … Read more

A new challenge: Ukrainian children and German schools. – Opinion

They’re stories the network loves, and you’ll find plenty of them there. Stories of children who have fled Ukraine, who are sitting on their laptops in their German accommodation and taught online from Berlin, Munich or Erfurt via their Ukrainian learning platform. Everyone immediately understands the message of these stories: In the midst of a … Read more

Monica Helfer and her novel “Löwenherz” – a lovable eccentric with a tragic ending

The first two volumes of Family History were bestsellers. “Die Bagage” is about Monica Helfer’s grandparents. In “Fati” about her father, who was deeply saddened by the death of his wife and withdrew into the world of books. Monica Helfer’s brother Richard, who was six years younger than him, was someone who lived that day … Read more

Children from Ukraine: enjoy the waiting list

Circus director Gerhard Richter turns young Sasha (4) into a juggler. education It’s a touch of Spring Festival. However, it has nothing to do with him, even when there is coffee, women are chatting, children are playing in the sun, and circus director Gerhard Richter teaches them some tricks. Because the scene is the yard … Read more