Season 2 March 25, 2022 on Netflix – New gem, new love

Homepage The media Bridgeton’s second season begins: New gem, new love The Bridgertons are back on Netflix (streaming March 25th). The new season features cool balls, an entertaining triangle constellation and new intrigues from Lady Whistledown. But Duke Simon Basset, the beloved from Season 1, is missing – instead, Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma delivers … Read more

Training on pork sides and chicken thighs

March 24, 2022 at 12:53 pm Training to become an emergency doctor : Training on pork sides and chicken thighs 24 potential emergency physicians have been prepared for their future assignments at the Düren Hospital. Collaboration partners include the district hospital in Meschernisch, the DRK training center in Düsseldorf and the firefighters in the city … Read more

Column “Family Affairs”: how children support Ukraine – panorama

Friends Franziska (left) and Emma bake and sell pies. They collected about 250 euros in donations. Photo: special In the editorial staff of the Stuttgarter Kinderzeitung, we can clearly feel how the war in Ukraine is affecting children. We have received many self-drawn peace stickers. As well as messages from children how they want to … Read more

Effects of the epidemic on the youngest in society: Almost every third child mentally suffers from the Corona crisis – Brandenburg

Potsdam – The pandemic accompanying lockdowns and temporary home schooling will not leave the young people of Brandenburg unaffected. Nearly three-quarters (72.4 per cent) of children and youth between the ages of 11 and 17 found the changes associated with the coronavirus crisis to be somewhat stressful. This is the result of the so-called COPSY … Read more

How does love work without patriarchy? (

Photo: Unsplash I’ve been single for most of the ongoing pandemic. As a heterosexual CIS woman with queer feminist aspirations, I have constant pessimism about my love life. Heterosexuality seems lonely to me, not only as a celibate but also as a couple or as a family. I fear that as I get older, friends … Read more

The Hanau-based Specialty Chemicals Group offers a wide range of career opportunities and development paths right from the start of the apprenticeship

Homepage Life good employers creature: 03/24/2022updated: 03/24/2022, 2:16 pm cleavage Jenny Buettner is training to become a chemical technician at Evonik. Above all, you love the technical aspect and the versatility of this futuristic job. © Mike Bender The specialty chemicals group Evonik Industries maintains significant research and development units, application technology facilities and production … Read more

Corona News Blog of Potsdam and Brandenburg: Hospitals: Warning light turns yellow – Potsdam

Here is an overview of Corona status according to the Robert Koch InstituteAs of Thursday, March 24th. Brandenburg Total 651,882 COVID-19 cases (+7,203) 513800 . recovered Hospitalization occurs: 5.81 occurrence value: 1428.8 back dam 43,520 cases of corona in total (+ no new reports) 274 deaths Regarding covid-19 occurrence value: 1216.3 Potsdam Mittelmark 52138 Corona … Read more