The sudden death of Gunther Schubert

SUPERillu photographer Andrei Kowalski was still at his home in October 2007. His photos show Gunter Schubert – whom they affectionately called “Shube” – as he was known and loved. Friendly, with a mischievous look she says: Nothing can be so bad that I lose my sense of humor. “He was attentive and involved in … Read more

April 10, 1945: Liberation of Hanover-Dream concentration camp | – History – Chronology

Status: 04.10.2015 2:08 PM | Archives by Regen Stunkel Ruth Groen regularly comes to Ahlam’s memorial to commemorate her father. American forces liberated the Hanover-Ahalim concentration camp 70 years ago. There, 750 prisoners died of starvation and epidemics or were murdered and tortured to death by the National Socialists. Shortly before liberation on April 10, … Read more

Looking for Rasta Dad from Jamaica

March 18, 2017 at 12:00 am Krefeld : Looking for Rasta Dad from Jamaica Jota Weber’s book will be published on March 24th. It’s called “Rastavati” and relates to the search for the father, whom the daughter imagines as a Jamaican with Rasta curls. Photo: Lammertz Krefeld Krefeld pediatrician Jota Weber grew up without her … Read more

Who has the time?

“After 11 hours of work, dust, noise and coming home, there is only time left for house chores and sleep, not to mention the kids. We live on Sundays when we have a few free hours. We want another hour for ourselves. An hour for our family. An hour for life.” This is how a … Read more

“Grill den Henssler” in Vox: Daddy still owns it

“I’m just one of those people who don’t keep working forever when they realize something isn’t working.” This is what TV chef Steffen Henssler said a few days ago in an interview with He meant his short trip to ProSieben, where he succeeded Stefan Raab, but stopped again after eight copies of “Schlag den … Read more

Sin without atonement: My father was a man of honor | Europe | DW

In a nursing home in Roth, near Nuremberg, Ilse identifies herself as the daughter of a Nazi. You never hide it. Her father could not stand Himmler. He didn’t like Goering and Goebbels either. “Because only money counts for them,” Ilse says. “Dad” Rather, think of the nation. Elsie’s father, Erich Julius Eberhard von Zelewski, … Read more