Literature: A Thin Memory: The New Novel “Fatty” by Monica Helfer

Monica Helfer goes back to her family history. In “Fati” she talks about fate, injustice and people whose roots can hardly find support. How much misery fits one life? And how little luck sometimes spreads – always ready to step back from the unforgiving reality. Monica Helfer has a few things to say about these … Read more

Teaching with the Church: Closure of the Evangelical Journalism School in Berlin – Media – Society

If there is any need for further evidence of how important established journalism is in times of disinformation and false news campaigns: the war against Ukraine shows that, too. An established journalism requires solid training. Now, one of Germany’s most famous journalism schools is closed: EJS, the Berlin-based Evangelical School of Journalism. The Joint Action … Read more

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease receives 37 severely disabled children from Ukraine / CJD responds to requests …

03/23/2022 – 18:02 Christian Youth Village German non-profit organization e. V (CKD) Ebersbach At about 5 pm today, 37 severely or multiple disabled Ukrainian children, their caregivers and their children landed at Cologne/Bonn airport on Polish President Andrzej Duda’s plane and a transport plane. This was ensured by the wife of the Polish president, Agata … Read more

Refugees: the first Ukrainian children are taught in Moritz schools

Seated in the room are 22 Ukrainian students. On the board hang the Ukrainian and German flags combined into one. She says “hello”. Hans-Dieter Richter, Campus Director of Röbel School, greets the boys and girls: “Sdrawstwutje” – Hello, says and explains that he speaks this language for a bit before continuing to speak his native … Read more

When children become victims of war

Head injuries, amputations and stomach perforations: Doctors fight for the lives of the injured children of the Zaporizhia Children’s Hospital. The stories behind it are horrific. Photo series with 32 photos At the Children’s Hospital in Zaporizhia, 13-year-old Melina writhes in pain. A bullet hit her mouth and tongue, hitting several vertebrae. Milena comes from … Read more

Love in Tinder Days: Dating an Expert on the Biggest Illusion in Relationships

Dating apps and practices such as parallel dating have made the world of relationships move faster. Realistic relationship expert Sandra Neumayer advises when looking for a partner. And remember the biggest delusion you think exists in relationships. Shown on TV shows like “The Bachelor” and finding out for ourselves through dating apps like Tinder: relationships … Read more

BRK Dachau offers the best training and perfect future opportunities

Homepage Life Professional life Occupation and career 2022 creature: 03/22/2022updated: 03/23/2022, 12:11 PM cleavage The profession of emergency paramedic requires a high degree of responsibility. © Brick Dachau The paramedic profession offers many opportunities for development. BRK Dachau also searches for new interns every year. The rescue service is one of the three pillars of … Read more

A generation divided: the so-called Husák children are the most influential demographic in the Czech Republic

Martin Boczek|Photo: Michaela Danilova, Radio Czech There are many and they are at the peak of their productive lives. As a result, the Husákovy děti, that is, the so-called Husák children, have a special influence on what is happening in the Czech Republic. Martin Buchtik, president of the STEAM Institute for Opinion Research, can put … Read more

Waldshut County: Can Newly Organized Training Solve Waldshut County Nursing Shortage?

Klinikum Hochrhein in Waldshut has a long history of training nursing staff. The 302-bed facility has been providing training in inpatient acute care since 1938. The School of Nursing with two large classrooms is located on the top floor of the hospital. Currently, 63 trainees, aged between 17 and 58, are participating. “We are always … Read more