Interview with Schalke striker Tyrodi: “Gramuzes showed greatness”

Training just ended when Simon Teraudy Sitting in front of the computer. In the time of Corona, interviews are only possible as video conferences. Tyrodi, 34, top scorer of second division club FC Schalke 04, relieved during the international break: won last time Schalke Two games in a row, promotion is still possible and things … Read more

This is how training for people with disabilities works

It is quite possible to enable people with disabilities to receive training in handicrafts. However, it requires good organization. Training advisor Peter Braune provides an overview of legal regulations and offers of support. Written by guest author Peter Brown The Federal Employment Agency supports the training of people with disabilities. – © Fifth Company – … Read more

Corona damage: How school misery prevents children from learning to read

Read also ple Btlelu plup petppl ueek Benlpekteup aetteeklel nup vle ple Iueklel pel penlpekeu Poleke uuek ulekl pu Ooeklla. Educator Elim Amir believes that it is necessary for parents to understand how to support their children Source: private 6euelett kel ple UepehuOoeleue pnlek ple teeheuketle Pepekntnua lu pel Puluue-Gllpe epaeuuOOeu, vle elue leolopeulellue Plnple … Read more

Sin without atonement: My father was a man of honor | Europe | DW

In a nursing home in Roth, near Nuremberg, Ilse identifies herself as the daughter of a Nazi. You never hide it. Her father could not stand Himmler. He didn’t like Goering and Goebbels either. “Because only money counts for them,” Ilse says. “Dad” Rather, think of the nation. Elsie’s father, Erich Julius Eberhard von Zelewski, … Read more

Highscores for an attractive apprenticeship: XXXLutz hires 1,000 more apprentices

02/28/2022 – 12:00 XXXLutz Germany Würzburg (OTS) Focus on people: XXXLutz continues to constantly expand its advantages as an employer and offers interns one-on-one career support. Pioneering: The well-established company combines static commerce with digital commerce and now offers training in more than 15 professions XXXL Plus Employee Program Grows: Private Supplemental Health Insurance and … Read more

Lessons for Ukrainian children in Berlin – specially organized

Ukrainian teacher Tatiana Gubskaya, 56, fled Kyiv itself two weeks ago. I studied at an elementary school there.interested in trade Children’s charity Arche with management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) organized joint lessons for Ukrainian children who do not yet have a place in school. “Berlin is taking too long to quickly integrate children … Read more

Ukraine War: Alleged Rape of Russian Soldiers

Homepage Policy creature: 03/22/2022, 04:48 AM to: Delia Fries cleavage It is said that violations committed by Russian soldiers particularly affect women over the age of sixty. Politicians in Ukraine raised allegations of rape. LONDON – Four politicians from Ukraine *met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson* in London on March 17, 2022 for talks … Read more