Deutsche Bahn makes funny German Bundesliga speculation: ‘Running on Dad’s BahnCard 100’

05/08/2022 19:34 729 Deutsche Bahn makes funny German Bundesliga speculation: ‘Running on Dad’s BahnCard 100’ Deutsche Bahn cracked 18 jokes and dared to make up his very own predictions in the Bundesliga by classifying clubs as commuters. Written by Stefan Bruel Germany – Deutsche Bahn’s social media team is on alert The start of the … Read more

Refugee children from Ukraine say: ‘Only my father is missing’ – Starnberg

After fleeing from Ukraine : “My father is just missing” August 5, 2022 at 9:28 pm Reading time: 6 minutes Open the detail view Six children and teenagers from Ukraine spend their summer holidays away from home: Daria, Timofil, Yasya, Sergey, Alexandra and Igor (clockwise from top left) (Photo: Victoria Spinrad (3), Franz Xaver Fox, … Read more

Fewer accidents due to driving with mom and dad

Disclaimer of Markets within Media GmbHWilhelm Lechner Platz 1204107 Leipzig (hereinafter referred to as “MIM”) 1. General The information on the Bö portal and the linked sites is intended only for persons with a permanent place of residence/registered office in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is not intended for beneficiaries in other jurisdictions, particularly … Read more

Fishing in Schleswig-Holstein – Hook Hook | –

Status: 02/08/2022 7:30 PM Fishing – a popular sport in Schleswig-Holstein. More than five million people fish, more than 42,000 people in the country are in the fishing club. The pandemic has reinforced this trend. Written by Samir Shawky More and more people have become interested in working on water in the past couple of … Read more

Staff shortages – municipalities: the legal entitlement to primary schools cannot be implemented all day long

Munich. Many parents feel despondent when looking for a daycare place for their children. Now the (Bavarian) municipalities warn: the declared statutory entitlement cannot be established for primary school students. This gives many couples hope that both can work. After separation in care? It may still not be available to every child. Photo: shutterstock Due … Read more