Nursing Day: How to find a good nurse for mom

For many, as they get older, there comes a time when they are no longer able to take care of themselves and the family on their own. Spouses, children, relatives, and friends can provide support, but they usually cannot provide full-time care on a permanent basis. If a parent or a single parent is suddenly … Read more

More than 500 priests received their training in Lantershofen

May 12, 2022 at 6:00 pm St. Lambert Priests’ School : More than 500 priests received their training in Lantershofen ARCHIVE PHOTO: Lantershofen Castle and its priestly school here in 1993, before renovation. Photo: Gusman Pictured: Martin Gussman Lantershofen For 50 years, men without a high school diploma were able to start their studies and … Read more

Rosenberger’s new chief financial officer

Effective 1 April 2022, the RosenbergerHF has appointed Franz Praxenthaler as the new Chief Financial Officer. Praxenthaler has been with the company since his apprenticeship Franz Praxenthaler is the new CFO of Rosenberger High Frequency Technology. (Photo: Rosenberger High Frequency Technology) The RosenbergerHF Board of Directors has appointed Franz Praxenthaler to the Board of Directors … Read more

How comfortable are union parties looking for their president

“Who will be the mother of the next Germany?” The bearer asked the matter against the gravity of the animal, while no one knew that he might be the next father. Is it permissible to add some consideration not intended to be serious to Armin Laschet’s Aachen Carnival speech? Tä-tää, tä-tää, tä-tää – here they … Read more

Increase employee salaries, training more attractive: reforming care provided

Ö / OÖ. On Thursday – International Nurses Day – the federal government introduced a nursing care reform package. With a billion euros invested in the next two years, Health Minister Johannes Rauch (the Greens) talks about the biggest care reform package in recent decades. Feedback from Upper Austria is largely positive. The package includes … Read more

Singing: He’s doing training now, and she’s going on despite the stress: Three nurses talk about their daily lives

Recently with the Corona pandemic, there is one professional field in the spotlight: there is a demand for nursing staff, but also under special pressure. On Nursing Day on May 12, three nurses recount how they go about their daily lives. Where are the problems and what makes the job attractive? Lukas Walter is completing … Read more

11 ideas for the greatest dad in the world

No tie! Father’s Day is May 26 this year and it’s time to show your dad how much you love him with a small gift. Tie and socks don’t necessarily have to be on the menu (unless Dad wants it that way). We looked around and rounded up some really cool Father’s Day gifts. Father’s … Read more