In all the air it sounds like a shout – the prophecy of the poem “The End of the World”

haha! Chancellor Leisetreter believes there will be no unrest. Wise thinking. As the days get shorter and cooler and everything is rationed – gas, money, electricity, reason, truth and freedom – more and more citizens are likely to raise their hats. With state money, that is, their own money, they no longer allow themselves to be deceived. so what?


The brilliant poet Jacob van Houdies, who was murdered by the Nazis, wrote the expressive poem “The End of the World” as a young man in 1911.

A citizen’s hat flies off his pointed head,
In all the air it sounds like a shout.
Bishops fall and go in two
And on the coasts – one reads – the tide rises.
The storm is here, the wild seas leap
On the ground to crush thick levees.
Most people have a cold.
Trains fall off bridges.


The prophecy of these lines, ingenious in spite of all disasters, is frightening. Climate catastrophe happens twice. You just “read” the real thing, that’s enough. Metaphorically speaking, the tide of wrath rises to smash the thick dikes of the strong. Corona really exists for what it is: a cold for most people, but it makes them very cold. Misery with infrastructure and railways can also be found in the poem. The roof makers are actually in two sections, presumably older than the work on the building, which no one can afford anyway. And screaming in all the air? Winter Rage is coming! For the rulers of all parties, it cannot be ignored. You can build. they agreed. They lie in concerted action. But their arguments do not stand up to the slightest breath of wind.


The first argument: It’s not our fault, Putin’s war alone is our fault. Sanctions have nothing to do with it either. Especially since for years we voluntarily left the security of supply entirely to the good will of Russia. No, “gas has become scarce and unaffordable only because Russia wants it that way — not because of anything Schulz, Habeck, Barbock, the Greens, the Social Democrats, the federal government, or any Western head of state said or decided to do.” It is actually incredibly stupid in the vigilant green OJ “Die Zeit”. And no, it has nothing to do with gas electricity generation due to nuclear phobia nor the refusal to promote German gas stocks due to underfracking: so the wording. We freeze and fall short just because Putin wants to. Do not get tired of supporting Ukraine!


The second argument: If you don’t want to freeze and push like a lamb, you make the state vile. Solidarity only works if those below put their trust in those above. The first civic duty is to rally around the father state – but please with a mask! At least it’s nice and warm. Only those who remain silent are Democrats. Only he who suffers, patriot. Just do not understand the idea of ​​describing the state as it appears to you: as a great dirty machine, as a destroyer of wealth, a machine of crisis, a great Leviathan, a burden on life, a distortion of values ​​and a failure of greed. I will forget myself. I also do not forget that we are all this country. That’s why we have to be nice to him. Let us not forget: what the state does is right in itself. So we are wrong. Without the limits of freedom we wouldn’t even know what freedom is. We are free to remain silent. So please!


The third argument almost inevitably follows from the second. Anyone who complains should look around. Is there anyone behind him who agrees without being asked or asked? Mere anger becomes unjust, even unacceptable anger when it comes from the wrong mouth, when it mingles with the clamor of side-thinkers, neo-rightists, and contemptors of democracy. This is why the legitimate outrage at the destruction of education and culture by the madness of Lauterbach is valid. This is why protests against government energy policy can only be made within the framework of the FFF. Therefore, criticism of the lack of rhetoric by parties and the media threatens the FDGO. Conformity, sacred to the Germans, includes the prohibition of applause from the wrong side. The offense of communicating with guilt is punishable by deprivation of civil rights. The head of the citizen is very sharp with us.


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