Lesliet Reznetsk: GNTM Candidate Gets Her Dating Program

Lislyut Reznetsk
GNTM Candidate Gets Her Own Dating Program

Lislyut Reznetsk

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TV news in GALA tape: GNTM-Lieselotte is looking for big love on TV +++ Lavinia Wollny didn’t know about her pregnancy for so long +++ “Bauer sucht Frau” – Kirsten and her new partner dared to take the next step.

2022 TV news in GALA شريط Tape

August 11, 2022

GNTM darling Lieselotte gets her own dating format on TV

Licelot Reznicek, 66, hasn’t had enough of TV after being involved in ‘Germany’s Next Supermodel’ and now wants to find big love on her TV dating show. “Well, first of all I want to make it clear: My heart belongs to my son and dad. But since I’ve been with GNTM, my calm is over — and only because Heidi was singing about the world I should have gotten,” Licelot says in an Instagram video.

“Okay, now we have the power! Saturday 1 gets serious and starts an introductory show with Leslot,” the retiree reveals with a chuckle and laughs, “What is this supposed to be? I’ve been single for 35 years and haven’t understood men for long anyway.” Lislotte also appeals to her fans: “If you know a good-looking, humorous and athletic man, send him to me. Gentlemen must show their abilities!” Your community is happy to announce that Lieselotte will soon be back on TV – enthusiastic comments and congratulations are piling up under the clip.

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August 10, 2022

Lavinia Woolney Shocked After Positive Pregnancy Test

Lavinia Woolley, 22, became the mother of little Hayley Emilia in February of this year, and she was so happy with her little daughter! However, her pregnancy was a huge surprise, as the 22-year-old revealed in the current “Die Wollnys” episode. Lavinia explains that she actually went to the family doctor only because she was feeling sick. Then he found out that she was pregnant – already in the sixth month. “Then of course I was shocked at first that I went there because I wasn’t feeling well,” Lavinia recalls.

However, this is not unusual, as the 22-year-old’s doctor explained: “It is not always the case that you have regular periods. There are often also problems with the regular cycle of women who are thin or obese. If they know that they are If they haven’t had their period three or four times, they won’t initially assume they can get pregnant.”

August 9, 2022

“Farmer is looking for a woman”: Christine and her new partner dare to take the next step

In 2021, Kristen Schulze and Peter Ziegler fell in love with the movie “Bauer sucht Frau”. Their luck seemed perfect and the two appeared as a dream couple from the 17th season of the popular dome show. But in April 2022 we announced their separation via Instagram. In the meantime, Kristen has been snapped up again a long time ago, in June of this year appearing on social media with her new partner.

Now things seem to be getting serious between the reality TV actress and her boyfriend, who has been keeping her identity to herself. For a shot of the couple embracing each other in love, she wrote, “It’s time next week. We dare to take the next step. As many already believe, we are moving on together.” [sic]Your fans are happy with Kirsten and leave many congratulations in the comment column.

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August 8, 2022

Has the “Bauer sucht Frau International” candidate finally found his great love?

In the final season of “Bauer sucht Frau International”, Félix Corcuera Clermont was looking for the right partner, but this did not really work out. He invited Simon and Monica to his farm, but a Peruvian coffee farmer quickly sent the latter home after she preferred to spend the night in a hotel rather than his farm. In the end, even with Simon, the spark didn’t jump out. “In a way I’m not sure if I’m ready to open up about a relationship,” Felix said at the end of the court week.

This seems to have changed now! Because on his Instagram account, the farmer recently posted several photos with a woman with whom he seems to be very close. He has now shared a photo of a woman hugging him from behind and kissing him on the cheek, joking with his tongue. Before that, he’s uploaded a shot showing him with a friend and the same woman in a bar, Felix gently placing his arm around the unknown lady and shooting beams at the camera. The farmer seems to have found happiness outside the show.

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‘A bowl like that Burdecki’: Has this candidate ever stolen Evelyn Burdecki’s heart?

On Sunday, August 7, Evelyn Burdecki, 33, got ready for her Prince Charming. In the reality show “Pot sucht Burdecki”, the reality star will try to find her beloved from 21 single men. And I particularly liked one, as Bild reports.

Candidate Powell, 33, was impressed not only by his intelligence, but also by his scent. Evelyn sniffed it and was excited about the fragrance he was wearing – which her brother also used. Evelyn immediately “pricked” after interacting with Pawel. With the former queen of the jungle, the butterflies seem to be circling in their favorite spot.

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