Oliver Bucher: Papa Gerd reveals Oliver’s birthplace Entertainment

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When Oliver Bucher (44) goes on a trip and then carries Papa Gerd (72) in his bags, it’s going to be fun!

Ole and his father traveled to Great Britain for “Busher and Baba on the Road”. She was visited, among other things, by Bucher’s great-aunt who lives in England. There, Gerd revealed a family secret: Bucher was born in his aunt’s house more than 44 years ago.

Papa Gird proudly: “It’s ‘Made in England’.” Oliver put it a little differently: “In short: shake my parents here. You get raging when you’re here.”

Saying goodbye to the English family, not only Grid, but Ollie softened, and even had tears in his eyes. A visit to Anfield in Liverpool gave Gerd Bucher the chills: “This is pure emotion!”

Pocher senior and junior in skirts

Photo: RTL

Pocher wouldn’t be Pocher if he didn’t also have a bit of a rowing temperament in his bags. The tennis legend is currently sitting in Great Britain Boris Becker (54) in prison. From there, Baker sued the comedian once.

And so, when he saw a bus in front of Windsor Castle, Bucher could not turn back and sneered: “Oh, Boris Becker. Book culture. I’m not sure, at least that’s what it looks like from afar.”

Tennis legend Boris Becker is currently serving a prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud

Tennis legend Boris Becker is currently serving a prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud

Photo: Frank Augustin/D

At horse racing at Ascot, Boucher was once again possessed by the desire to paddle. At first he aimed at well-dressed visitors: “The best thing is how decency breaks down when you put something for them to drink.”

However, Pocher bet on the wrong horse and lost some of his precious English pounds. And the second decision against Becker followed: “Well, what’s the point. I’ll try my luck again. And if gambling spoils me, I’ll at least see Boris again.”

Fortunately Oliver didn’t go that far, he was able to gamble with some of his bills the next time he used it.

Without an umbrella, but with a bowler hat, Boucher then met Grant Harold (44), a former personal butler to Prince Charles (73). The etiquette expert patiently tried to teach the father-son team some manners, but failed miserably in suggesting Oliver.

Papa Gerd in a butler's outfit

Papa Gerd in a butler’s outfit

Photo: RTL

After blowing into an empty glass, Harold scolded him in English: “We don’t blow into the glass.” Of course, a through ball to Oliver, who immediately wanted to know: “So no sucking?” : “Butler is not a comedian in that sense. You have to keep your form a bit!”

Since then, Grant Butler has lost patience with the rebellious TV star: “I have a feeling he adopted Oliver off the street.” And it became even more annoying during ‘tea time’.

Pocher junior randomly stuffed the cake in his mouth and then poured it with tea. And again the butler was dumbfounded: “I was wondering if something had happened to him as a child. Maybe it was dropped or something. I haven’t seen anything like this in 25 years!”

When Olly also started yelling at Take That songs, Papa Gerd was desperate again: “You can also be hilarious and funny without being awkward. Olly can do that, but in my opinion he’s not doing it enough.”

That didn’t change in the minutes that followed. When the butler gave stern instructions: “We don’t actually put fingers in the food,” the presenter burst out laughing: “We don’t put fingers in anything, but…” Grant warned again vehemently: “Don’t talk, don’t blow, don’t Suck, no toes. Just watch!”

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When Boucher’s band was finally allowed to perform in the popular “The Cavern Club” for songs like “Twist and shout” and “Hey Jude,” the comedian got really emotional.

For Oliver Bucher, the tour of England with his father was something very special: “It was the most intense trip we’ve ever had!”

Bouchers with the Beatles wig on stage

Bouchers with the Beatles wig on stage

Photo: RTL

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