Comparisons with my father annoy Julio Rodriguez

Gifhorn. Like father, like son: There are often mathematical similarities between old and young – but not with the Rodrigues family. While father Costa once reached the second Bundesliga, 20-year-old son Julio is “satisfied” with the Premier League. The attacking player was recently playing for MTV Gifhorn, and his father watched his first competitive match.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

0:2 At the start of the derby against Lobo/Martini Wolfsburg, Julio Rodriguez already imagined that his first competitive match in a Gifhorn shirt would be a little different. The defeat was upsetting – just like the constant comparisons to his father Kosti. The 42-year-old played once for Eintracht Braunschweig, Hannover 96, 1. FC Magdeburg, recently for SSV Kästorf until the end of his career in 2014 – and has made a name for himself not only in Lower Saxony. The fact that his father is often seen in him annoys Julio to a limited extent: “I’m not interested in that at all. It may be an advantage for some people and bad for others.”

Father is available for questions

Costa, who has played 52 games in the second division, and Julio are fundamentally different. While the older often settled in the defensive flank, Filius is primarily designed for attack and can be used in several locations there. “I think he’s got some tricks up his sleeve, but he’s a little different from me. That’s why you shouldn’t compare us,” the former professional explains. He goes a little further: “People see Rodriguez’s name on the back and then often associate him with the father.” The 42-year-old, who himself trained his son in his early childhood, cannot understand it: “Julio has only when he turned twenty, he plays his own game – and if he has any questions, he is very welcome to come to me.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

“My dad always sets the tone at home, if something is good or bad, but we have different playing styles,” says Julio Rodrigues. In preparation as well as in the first league match against Lobo, it was clear that his strength lies above all in his quick dribbling. However, he still had to get used to the new team and the new environment.

After Gifhorn by friend Lasse Denker

The young man came to Gifhorn through his friend Lasse Denker. He hasn’t been happy lately with league contender Freie Turner Braunschweig, so he moved to MTV in the summer. The father did not talk about it: “It was his own decision, he wanted a change. We are very grateful to coach Georgios Balanes for the opportunity in Givorn, as a reward for the performance in the preparation he was allowed to play in the beginning.”

The new number 25 in yellow and black flies between Braunschweig and Geifhorn and wants to make the landing with MTV. “We don’t want to play against relegation,” the 20-year-old asserts. However, he considers the middle one secured in the table a realistic: “We certainly don’t need to talk about promotion to the regional league yet. But that is my personal long-term goal.”

With Eintracht U-17 in the German League

Rodrigues Junior played for Braunschweiger Eintracht in the German Bundesliga’s U17, but then joined neighbors Freie Turner during the winter break. “Because of the long break with Corona, it was difficult for me to get a foothold in the men’s area,” Giulio reveals. Hence the move to Gifhorn, where the attacking man first wants to get a permanent place.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Rodriguez has already collected one or two extra points against Wolfsburg. And his conclusion was, “I think we played well, but we conceded goals through two individual errors.” An old man did not see him much differently: “It was a quick match. Lobo had a lot of ball, but the goals conceded were unfortunate for the Gifhorners – they could have scored two or three goals themselves.”

The NFV Cup continues on Wednesday

For MTV, it lasts through the week. On Wednesday (7pm) there will be a duel with SV Ramlingen-Ehlershausen in the local flood basin as part of the NFV Cup. “In terms of physical strength and speed, we are facing a better opponent than Lubo,” coach Balanes said before the match against his league rival, who won his opening match against HSC Hannover (1-0).

By Florian Schulz

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