Refugee children from Ukraine say: ‘Only my father is missing’ – Starnberg

After fleeing from Ukraine


“My father is just missing”

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Six children and teenagers from Ukraine spend their summer holidays away from home: Daria, Timofil, Yasya, Sergey, Alexandra and Igor (clockwise from top left)

(Photo: Victoria Spinrad (3), Franz Xaver Fox, Nella Thiel, Private)

Summer vacation has begun in Bavaria, but bombs keep falling at home: Six Ukrainian students talk about how things are going for them away from home, how they spend the holidays – and what they miss the most.

The Protocols of Pauline Graf, Tim Grasser and

Victoria Spinrad, Starnberg

The Starnberg District Immigration Office now houses more than 2,000 Ukrainian refugees, 470 of whom are schoolchildren. They are now spending their first summer in Bavaria. Six of them talk about culture shock, abandoned pets – and about difficult German.

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