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Fishing – a popular sport in Schleswig-Holstein. More than five million people fish, more than 42,000 people in the country are in the fishing club. The pandemic has reinforced this trend.

Written by Samir Shawky

More and more people have become interested in working on water in the past couple of years. Hunting is nothing but an old man’s sport. It is a natural experience and creates awareness of capturing an animal. I wanted to be able to do that too, but I’m still quite a beginner. But: I have found experts who will go fishing with us. And you have the best advice.

World champion and vice world champion together in the pond

In the fishing pond, Danny (left) has only his father, Horst Hrubesch.

Danny Hrubusch became the 2019 World Surfing Champion with his team. As his famous father told me, he was born with a passion for hunting. The father is Horst Hrubesch, European football champion and vice world champion with the national team – and an avid fisherman. He wrote the book “Cod Fishing from the Boat and on the Coasts” when he was at HSV. It is still out of print today and is being traded at high prices online. For Danny and Hurst – that’s what they told me – the fishing trips were a little vacation with the family.

In the pond he’s a father, not a “head beast.”

For the national player at the time, fishing was the best way to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the football world. W: He managed to spend a lot of time with his sons while hunting. “It was the only time we had a father to ourselves,” says Danny. One of the reasons why he loves fishing so much. The always and everywhere wanted and celebrated dad rarely has family moments in which he is just a dad and not a “head monster”.

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Horst Hrubesch celebrates the 1983 German Championship. © Imago Photo: Sven Simon

Previously a fearsome ‘head monster’, then a successful junior coach with the German Football Association: HSV legend Horst Hrubesch has always remained true to himself. more

Cork with a needle – this is how it was before

Even before he became a fearsome striker in the opponent’s penalty area, Horst had good technique – an HSV legend describes memories of his first fishing experiences with a smile: “We used to take a tampon and put a needle through it and bend it. That’s how we did catch it in a neighbor’s pond.” Today it’s different – in many fishing stores you can buy every imaginable accessory from A for eel bells to Z for zander rods, and old corks have long since been replaced by electronic bite alarms. The list of equipment is endless and each manufacturer promises a great catch with its accessories. This is now so extensive that you don’t need a hunting crate, but a full hunting house. Although I have a fishing license, I rarely go fishing. What do you need for the initial equipment? Cork or high-tech fishing rod?

Start in the fishing pond

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HSV midfielder Jimmy Hartwig holding the championship trophy | © picture-alliance / Sven Simon

The Hamburger SV became German champion for the first time in 1923, and 60 years later for the sixth and final time to date. In addition, the Hanseatic League has won the German FA Cup three times and two European Cups. more

As a beginner, Danny and Horst started out at the fishing pond in Wimmersdorf in the Siegeberg region. I don’t have to warn about the rough waves in the waves, nor should I take a long boat ride. So the decorations are suitable for beginners. This is a really good way to catch your first fish. Weather: warm and beautiful. Danny and Hurst: Quiet and relaxed. But that will change soon. Mood changes. Why and what advice they both give me, what mistakes they make at first and why every fisherman is happy with a “tuk”, all this can be seen in “Fishing in Schleswig-Holstein – Hrubesch on the Hook”.

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Fisherman fishing in the port of Hamburg.  © Pro Guiding Photo: Pro Guiding

A day on the water is total relaxation. But if you want to fish in Germany, you have to complete a training course. Tips on testing fishermen, water and equipment. more

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