Staff shortages – municipalities: the legal entitlement to primary schools cannot be implemented all day long

Munich. Many parents feel despondent when looking for a daycare place for their children. Now the (Bavarian) municipalities warn: the declared statutory entitlement cannot be established for primary school students. This gives many couples hope that both can work.

After separation in care? It may still not be available to every child. Photo: shutterstock

Due to staff shortages and tight lockers, Bavarian cities and municipalities see no chance of fulfilling the right to all-day care for primary school children as planned. The Big Four municipal organizations wrote Tuesday in a call to help. A “dramatic shortage of supplies in children’s day care in Bavaria” is emerging.

“The municipalities urgently need the support of the Free State of Bavaria to control the escalating situation,” the Central Societies wrote in the letter of Social Affairs Minister Ulrike Scharf (CSU). The Bertelsmann Foundation’s Specialized Radar presented at the beginning of July assumes that, in the worst case, there could be a shortage of about 67,000 specialists caring for primary school children in Bavaria by 2030 – nationwide more than 100,000.

A survey of municipalities not only confirmed a severe shortage of skilled labour, but also revealed a significant underfunding of investments. “In addition, there is a lack of security planning regarding state support from the federal and state governments that municipalities can count on when expanding all-day care to primary school-age children,” the list of city, municipal, county and county councils said. .

A study by the German Youth Institute assumes that between 108,000 and 136,000 more places will have to be created in Bavaria alone by 2030. But the much-needed investments will have to be deferred time and time again. The associations have warned that the huge increases in operating costs raise fears of closing more facilities. Under these conditions, comprehensive all-day care for primary school children becomes an illusion.

The legal entitlement to all-day support for primary school children has been enshrined in the All-Day Support Act since 2021. It consists of 40 hours per week including lessons and is valid for children from first to fourth grade. It will be introduced in phases: from the 2026/2027 academic year, it will be applied to students
First grade from 2029-2030 for all primary school classes.

Many elementary school students, who often finish their lessons at 11.15 a.m., go home by midday.

According to the study by the Youth Institute, there are very few daily shows in Bavaria. 54 percent of families have an urgent need – not even 40 percent have a place. In practical terms, this means that many elementary school students, who often finish their lessons at 11:15 a.m., are home by midday. As a rule, this severely restricts the professional opportunities of women in particular.

In order to salvage the situation, the leading associations are allegedly proposing practical solutions which should consist of a marked simplification of the financial requirements and obligations of the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Government. These included ‘pragmatic solutions’ for example in deploying people (in plain language: lowering quality standards such as maximum group size), recognizing specialists or creating capabilities through space sharing. It should also increase financial support. Above all, there is a need for “security planning of investment measures and dual use of (school) premises for all-day care of primary school age”.

Scharf answered the call for help. Training has already become easier and the number of employees in day care centers has increased by about 73 percent over the past 10 years. However, at the same time, the number of children being cared for has increased significantly. That is why further training and qualification should now be given a new impetus. “We want to establish a new training academy, complement existing offerings from approved providers, and significantly expand the range of digital offerings,” said Scharf. At first, it did not respond to the demands of other municipalities. News4teachers / Articles from dpa

Tens of thousands of skilled workers lack the legal entitlement to work all day in primary schools

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