Elena Mera’s ex-partner, Mike Heiter, dedicates words of love to his daughter Eileen

Tatum Sarah Koch | 02/08/2022 at 3:18 pm

Elena Meras and her ex-boyfriend, Mike Heater

IMAGO / Star Media

For a long time they considered a dream couple a reality. We’re talking about Elena Meraas and Mike Heater. The two are no longer on good terms with each other. The only thing that connects them to this day is their daughter. But Father Mike allegedly never bothered them either. Until now!

Elena Meras (30 years old) and Mike Heater (30 years old) are not only a former couple who no longer love each other very well, but they are also the parents of daughter Eileen (4). But in recent years, Elena has repeatedly complained about her father’s lack of interest in her offspring. Mike took care of his offspring very little and rarely visited the young one. It seems that the blond boy now wants to clear up these rumors – on the occasion of his princess’s fourth birthday, he dedicated an emotional post to her on Instagram.

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