Boucher and Abi on the road: broadcast dates for new episodes in 2022

for Comedian Oliver Bucher And his father will go on a men’s trip again. RTL He’s proven once before how fun it can be when a disparate father-son team is sent around the world. Go now “Bosher and Dad are on the road” On a new tour. comedian and his Gerd’s father I embarked again and appear in documentary In the August 2022 Again it is always good to surprise.

  • how many Archaeology exist?
  • when Can you watch the documentary series?
  • What happens in episode 1?
  • where Was the show filmed?

Broadcast times, stream on RTL + & Associates – All information about gravity From “Pocher and Papa on the road” can be found here in the overview.

When will the new episodes of “Pocher and Papa Travel” start?

The fun road trip of an uneven duo continues: Oliver Bucher and his father, Gerd, embark on another journey. The documentary series begins with the first episode on August 09 2022. Generally will Two new episodes Give.

“Pocher and Papa Travel”: broadcast dates, air time and frequency

Early in 2020, comedian Oliver Bucher and his father, Gerd, went on a long journey for the first time as a married couple. Until then, the men’s journey greeted the welcome, no wonder RTL no one continuation Indicates. Once again there is a two-part documentary. Started for a fun trip Tuesday 9 August 2022, prime time on RTL. also one Repetition standing on a program. In the September 2022 must continue with Episode 2when Exactly But it is not yet known.

Previous Broadcast times velvet broadcast time In a glance:

  • Episode 1: 08/09/2022 at 8:15 pm
  • Episode 1: 08/12/2022 at 00:55 (repeat)

“Pocher and Papa on the road”: a stream on RTL +

To watch two episodes of “Papa and Pocher auf Reisen” from 2020 again in flow To see, you need a paid account. that new episodes In parallel with broadcast TV or even in advance RTL + It seems very available. It is not yet known if subscription is required for this.

What happens in episode 1 of “Pocher and Papa Traveling”?

In the first episode, Oliver Bucher and his father followed him Great Britain. We’ll tell you what’s happening there, among other things: straight to the city center LondonThe two enjoy the skyline of the business district and then meet Margaret Tyler, who knows a lot about royalty. Then they visited Britain’s oldest racetrack at Ascot. In England, of course, you should not miss fish and chips – and a horseback riding visit with a full stomach Brighton. In addition, the two of them had completed training as a personal servant before that Scotland Continues – of course, with style appropriate in skirts. The real highlight in Liverpool In: Where the Beatles perform, father and son perform together on stage.

In the first episode

In the first episode “Pocher and Papa Traveling,” the two went to Scotland, among other things.
© Photo: RTL

“Pocher and Papa on the road”: these locations were in 2022

Weird customs, strange food, foreign customs and in between there are two personalities who couldn’t be more different. That was two years ago “Bosher and Dad are on the road” to see. At that time, the two-part documentary series moved to Thailand and the USA. They are a little less weird PlacesThe two will be staying in 2022 – but it sure will be entertaining. In the first episode, viewers learn about the price of an unexpected couple Great Britain twisted yet England And the Scotland. But where do they live?

Here is an overview:

  • London
  • Ascot
  • Brighton
  • Longleat Hedge Labyrinth
  • Thornberry Castle
  • Edinburgh
  • Drummond Castle
  • Liverpool
  • Carlisle

In the second episode, the two adventurers go to southern Europe – Portugal And the Spain she Objectives. Filmed in May and June 2022.

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