Friends for life: this is how friendship works

On the Rhine and the Ruhr.
People from the Lower Rhine and Ruhr region tell us their personal stories of Friendship Day on July 30.

Do you know the movie Pretty Best Friends? Ten years ago, the story of nurse Idris and Philip, who were confined to a wheelchair after they had an accident, brought movie audiences to tears. A chance encounter turned into a lifelong friendship – across all social and cultural boundaries. The image aligns well with the NRZ campaign for World Friendship Day on July 30th. Four weeks ago we asked our readers to tell us their personal stories about their close friends. He has written a lot for us. At this point, the first stories are presented in excerpts.

Hannelore Kurt, Fuerdi wrote: “I am fortunate to have had only one trusted friend by my side all my life, which I went through with good and bad and are still there for each other to this day. I have survived four years of divorce wars with five hearings with the help of a friend. Monica and Betty accompanied me in all Dates Monica is a strong character and she is very social, she fights injustice and helps her and puts her heart in the right place. She has always been worried about me. I am very grateful to her. Because of the breakup, I also found my way back to my trusted friend Karen. I thank my “old” friends Monica and Karen, as well as Karen The new angel and the guardian angel of my house, for we share the good and the bad with one another.

Together for an “after work wine party”

Sandra Luhrmann: “I have a very special friend who is 85 years old and 51 years old. We met two years ago and the chemistry was right from the start. I found my friend Marja through an acquaintance with whom she helped a little with her mobile phone. She always said: ‘Sandra.. God sent you.’ Since That she knew me, she really came back to life. Although there are 34 years between us, we often understand each other without words. She even went with me to the “After Work Wine Party” in Bührmann, and we dance together there too. The saying goes: Age Just a number!”

Angie Willems, Moores: “Ola Hajar and I have been close friends for 55 years. We are neighbours. Children, hobbies, family gatherings, grief, divorce—whatever life has on everyone’s list. We soon noticed that good advice, listening, and consolation have always been kind to our souls.” Twice everything was nice, everything is half bad. This is true friendship.”

Helga Zollig, Essen: “After fleeing the GDR, we were sent to Camp Seely, and then to Lübeck. My mother stayed in the warehouse and worked in the chocolate factory, and my father was put in Witten, where he worked on the tracks – although he was a financial accountant – one of the brothers came To Dortmund as an electrician, and Essen’s second brother worked as an electrician. A locksmith and I to Düsseldorf. Now I stood there, for the first time alone with my bag on the platform. From Düsseldorf main station I had to take a tram to Eller, where I was supposed to record in Luisenheim. I heard singing Church inside. Suddenly a nun stood in front of me. It was only six in the morning. She took me to my room. Completely exhausted and very sad, I threw myself on the bed and cried in the pillow. The young captain arranged for me to train as a lawyer.

A certain dress, invited to the cinema

In Luisenheim, three girls especially interested me: Nati, Traudi and Monika. Nate gave me a beautiful dress, and Traudie paid for my movie ticket. Monica learned to sew, so she did all the sewing. They would comfort me when I was sad and help me with my homework.

Soon my mum and dad got an apartment in Essen, so we could finally be a family again. So I had to say goodbye to the three girls who helped me so much, and made me feel happy again. I started crying again. We promised not to forget each other…

Many years passed and I remembered the time I spent in Luisenheim. I’d like to see Natty, Trady and Mooney again. I learned from Munni’s brother that she is married in Dolmen. Through them I also discovered the new nicknames of Traudi and Natty. After 48 years we saw each other again. We hugged and were happy. The voices remained, the happy laugh. We visited Luisenheim in Eller together. We went to church and also to the bistro where we danced to music from the jukebox every Saturday. We had a lot to say. On Christmas we met at the Christmas market in Dortmund and had a great day. Since then, we have been in constant contact – both verbally and in writing. Unfortunately, our health bothers us. I am so happy and so grateful that the clover leaf found itself again after so many years.”

NN (Reader Known Name to Editors) writes: “Molly and Millie (let’s call them that) met in 1972 when we were in the second grade. Thanks to a teacher with special pedagogical skills, we were brought together in the last grade with the explanation: “You are tall and fat, sit together.” This is how our friendship began … Together through elementary and high school, make an appointment every day and bring each other home in the evening (many times), share the holidays, together through (the same) training (in the same company), the same job, what can I say: we held together a lot .

Girlfriends are like shoes…

However, after that private life developed differently, as one married (and the other as a maid of honor), and the other did not. This also resulted in a long silence on the radio. I don’t even remember how and when we got back together again, but for many years we have observed that connection since childhood is something deeply emotional and lifelong. And if there was also a cruel experience of the other with the husband of one of them …

Just a few days ago, my girlfriend wrote to me: “Girlfriends are like shoes: when you are young you can’t get enough of them. Later, I realized that they are always the same people you feel comfortable with.”

Andrea Margrave, Neukirchen Floen: “Mutual suffering was the starting point of a wonderful friendship. School began in August 1976. I am left-handed and with my traumatic childhood experiences I had to sit on the psychiatrist’s couch all the time. About eleven years ago I decided to write these experiences and send them to a newspaper. The text has been published.The newspaper received a lot of emails from left-handers.

One of the messages particularly touched me at that time. It was handwritten. From Elizabeth, who was seventy at the time. To this day, she, too, has had trouble writing with her right hand, and has more or less handwriting, like me. A live exchange of messages followed. We write to each other to this day, telling us what moves us. And handwritten. in crackle text. I am always happy when a message arrives from Langenfeld. I kept every letter. And over time, a large pile grew.

Of course I visited them too. It gave me the best Konigsberger Klopsey I’ve ever eaten. Thirty years separate us and we don’t care at all. Friendship is not related to age, time or distance.

Chartered a ship in Duisburg

Ursula Mastnack: “I am 84 years old and have eight adult children. When they left the house, I didn’t really know what to do. I thought a housewife could do whatever was needed on the ship. I called the Duisburg shipyard and applied. That’s how I came across “MS Eurostar On this ship I met Merrick, the captain from Prague.

That friendship still exists today. We often visited each other, often in Dinslaken, and I was in Prague. We’ve done a lot together. He is now 89 and still drives his small boat for trips to Charles Bridge. It’s slower now. Even when he had to bring a tow truck from Duisburg to Berlin, he asked me if I could cook for the team. I can do it. I asked him if I could talk about our friendship at NRZ and he said it was very good.

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