The president of the company gives employees one day off every week

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A German businessman offers in his company what is already offered in Spain and Belgium: a four-day working week. Meaningful gift.

You only work four days a week and you still get the same salary? A dream for many working in Germany. However, all entrepreneurs still consider the five-day week that has been practiced for over 50 years to be reasonable. Tobias Groten, president of Ahaus’ software company Tobit.Software, has furloughed about 150 employees every Wednesday since the end of June.

They don’t have to work another day to do this, and nothing is deducted from their wages. Groten wants to give its employees more time to relax, do something for their health, be creative and be with the family.

Work: The president of the company explains why the employees are off every Wednesday

Get a free day off every week? This dream came true for the employees of a German company. (Iconic image) © Giorgio Fochesato / IMAGO

in his office in focus on the internet In the appeal published four days a week, the businessman explained that in his opinion, people in a rich country like Germany lack time above all. “In the past decades we have been able to be economically independent. Thanks to digitization, we have access to all the knowledge in the world. At work, we are increasingly supported by technological assistants. But what seems to be less than much is time.”

The corona pandemic was magnified here. According to this, the merging of work and private life in the home office means that people are becoming more and more stuck in the “digital hamster wheel”. Employees typically sit in front of a screen throughout the work day and communicate digitally with friends and acquaintances in the evenings or pursue other activities such as online sports sessions. However, this makes it increasingly difficult to drop out and unwind after work. This is often only possible on days off, Groten says.

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The president of the company gives employees one day off every week – for health and creativity

Some people suggest that employees should simply be making less use of their smartphone at their own risk and doing something for “work-life balance”. However, the head of the company does not think much of the claim now. After all, behavior during the pandemic has warned many companies of economic disaster. Instead, he believes it would be appropriate to advertise four days a week under the slogan “Wednesdays belong to me and my father, their health and creativity.” Based on the 1950s: Labor unions used the slogan “Saturdays belong to me” to advertise a five-day week after the average work week was 48 hours.

The world of work has changed with digitization. Therefore, the company wants to adapt to the change and decided to do something different. “Everyone on our team gets a free day off. No consideration. No obligation. To sleep, enjoy life, and get to know people. Do something for the head and the body—for oneself or others,” Gruten explains. According to a British study, working only eight hours a week is optimal for increasing well-being.

His company can afford it both economically and culturally, and therefore is in an advantageous position. He also sees many advantages in reducing working hours: “It is quite possible that we not only work in a more focused and fresh way, but also at a faster pace without overheating. Then the extra vacation will benefit the company.”

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