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The CDU and the Greens agreed on a government programme. North Rhine-Westphalian Trade praises the government’s program and sees many real motives.

Responsibility, realism and sustainability. stand for this trinity coalition agreement From CDU and Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia, says Andrew Eilert. “It is convincing because North Rhine-Westphalia is so Clear as never before It relies on skilled trades, medium-sized companies, professional training and innovation to solve the major issues of the future”, emphasizes the President of Handwerk.NRW correct pulses For equality in professional and academic education and practical school policy. Concretely, it should be emphasized the introduction of a small building permit for master craftsmen, which has long been demanded by trade and is now stipulated in the contract. “We can see from that in the next five years a lot of good Do,” says Ehlert.

Five weeks after the state elections, the government program is now available for the first time black and green state government in North Rhine-Westphalia. The text of the coalition agreement is 146 pages long. “We understand Sustainability In the overall sense, we stand equal More climate protectionOne sustainable infrastructureAnd the Investments in education And the solid financial‘, as stated in the introduction. NRW should go to The first climate-neutral zone in Europe will. “We believe that economic policy and climate protection come together, thus creating the foundation for our country’s necessary transformation and sustainable growth,” is the promise of the CDU and the Greens.

Recognizing the role of the craft

coalition agreementHere you will find the full government program for CDU and Greens.Alliance partners recognize this in their platform An important role for craft And many small and medium-sized businesses of Energy transition, structural change and climate protection on me. Without them, the challenges ahead cannot be met. This is why the future government is planning one Dual Training Specialist AttackSpecial Promotion for master craftsmen (Improved prime start-up premium and €3,000 principal premium). The CDU and the Greens are clearly committed to this, which is very important for skilled crafts Equality in professional and academic education.

Together with the economy, social partners and rooms, we want North Rhine-Westphalia The number one vocational training country Make it “the goal.” Only if people take advantage of opportunities, not only academically, but Equivalent to vocational training Taking action, it will be possible to secure skilled workers in order to be able to meet challenges such as digitization, sustainability, climate change and social engagement.” interdepartmental strategy To improve cooperation between companies, vocational schools and training between companies. Students must even earlier Be aware of dual training opportunities (more training ambassadors, mentoring days, digital advice, more hands-on sections).

Double Strengthening Training

as part of training bag targeting Everyone offered a dual training Receipt. The government wants to provide state funds for this. There should also be one for the dropouts Improved advice Towards a dual training. Similar to student dormitories trainee dormitories to be prepared. Interns should participate more in exchange programs and have better access to part-time training. Professional reorientation should be possible at any age.

One “Interministerial Steering Group of the ministries responsible for additional education, vocational training and vocational schools “must ensure that Continuing Professional Education It has been improved. Vocational colleges should Modern digital equipment And also Sufficient human resources Receipt. “Our goal is to continually improve the framework conditions for training and further education within the company. We will work to improve funding for external and in-school training centers.” Moreover Inter-company handicraft training centers He wants to strengthen the alliance and make sure that Third Party Financing still locked.

Optimal framework conditions for medium-sized companies

When it comes to reducing bureaucracy, the CDU and the Greens support one Smart and focused government frameworks. “To do this, we will create a process of changing ministries, one Control of success and execution Made it possible, and to impose it constantly in a regular exchange. “When setting standards, the The most complex solution EU law enforcement in principle Just one for one Transferred to national law and via one-in-one-out base In the case of new laws, the greater bureaucratic burden on companies should be excluded. We want the middle class optimum conditions Create ‘.especially for small businesses lower bounds Convenience in recording and reporting obligations.

Other craft related projectsClimate screening for new and existing financing programmes
Digitization attack for energy transmission
Expansion of electricity generation from photovoltaic cells
Solar commitment to buildings
Phase-out of coal by 2030
Speed ​​up the planning and approval process
– Building construction, serial renovation and modular units
Digitizing approval processes
Use of building information modeling
– Improving purchasing procedures
– Further development of the livestock strategy in the northwest of the waters
Rehabilitation of roads and bridges
sustainable spatial development
Improving the recognition of foreign qualifications
– Improving the quality of teaching
Bringing additional teachers to schools
digital learning development
– Encouraging innovation
Create an optimal startup climate
– NRW . Digital Agenda
– 5G fiber-optic network nationwide by the end of 2029
Complete digitization of administrative processes
Accelerate the digital transformation of the economy
– Strengthening cyber security

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