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The course has been determined. Now everything should be fine. The red, yellow and green villains want to start on the 6th of December. Totally progressive, so the whole ad – young, fresh, dynamic. Who doesn’t fit the picture at all is the leader of the wild youth, who looks more like a hostel father than someone who represents the so much vaunted Awakening. Olaf Schulz is the name of the next German chancellor.

The scandals associated with his name did not affect him. People don’t make decisions based on facts, but on their feelings. And Scholz makes them feel good. You forgive almost everything for a person like this. The caring mother is followed by the kind father, a role written on the face of the former vice chancellor. With his facial expressions, Schulz is the opposite of Angela Merkel, whose drooping corners of her mouth give the impression of carrying the burden of the world on her shoulders. a burden on us all. No wonder German journalists finally sanctified them.

Schulz is different – however no. It is the further development of Merkel, the caretaker can not only lull you to sleep, but also appear sympathetic, Angela Merkel with a friendly face. His gentle smile is his greatest weapon, and his soothing tone is his most important weapon in fighting the many megaphones with which the citizens are tired. The Hanseatic League achieved the almost impossible: within a few months, it made a party steeped in self-doubt as the first candidate for government. This was possible due to two competitors who were so busy with themselves and so unsuitable for the office that Schulze had nothing to do but do nothing.

With greens has a strong protective power

With Olaf Schultz, we guarantee the outgoing chancellor will leave, but he won’t go away completely. And he will continue the policy of patronage, which Germans have allowed themselves to lull into so much that a majority now classifies criticism of official government advertisements as a threat to democracy. Schulz now has the chancellorship in mind because he served as Merkel of the SPD during the election campaign. The mummy goes, the father comes – no less strict in this matter, but all the more gentle in tone. One could assume that his predecessor deliberately engineered things in this way by pushing the weakest conceivable candidate for the position of Federation Chancellor. It was obvious to anyone who heard Annalina Birbock speak three sentences in a row that the third party would not pose a threat.

So it was about blocking Marcus Söder, which would have left Schulz and the SPD far behind. It’s hard to imagine that someone as meticulously practicing politics as Merkel would have missed something like this. Schulz can look forward to his job as head of government in a country where separation of powers is rarely in the way, and the judiciary proves to be more useful than what the constitution provides. Thanks to Merkel.

With the Greens, he has a strong protective force on board, which will continue to ensure charitable reporting in the future and foster solid collaborations with leading media outlets. The elected chancellor fears his party the most. The successor to outgoing co-chair Norbert Walter Borgens will accelerate the SPD’s leftward drift. Schultz threatens the fate of Gerhard Schroeder.

Under the cheers of German journalists

But these are the fears of tomorrow. The current finance minister is currently enjoying Merkel’s delight. After her farewell tour through Europe, which packed the extra miles and took her to the Vatican, the outgoing chancellor rallied her vice-president at the G-20 summit in Rome. The annual meeting of heads of state and government made headlines in 2017 when then-mayor Schulz allowed it to be showcased by left-wing extremists who had caused civil war-like conditions in Hamburg. He will have much better memories of the summit in Rome.

Amid the frantic applause of German journalists, which overshadowed even the 13-minute applause of CDU delegates since 2005, Merkel presented the world with a tyrannical reality as her successor who has so far been unable to deliver a coalition deal. Or the Bundestag elected or even sworn in by the Federal President. The insult to constitutional bodies is a symbol of Merkel’s understanding of democracy.

The 67-year-old, who trained under a socialist dictatorship, sees no reason to wait for parliamentary decisions. This was the case with bank bailouts, the European debt union, the gradual abolition of nuclear power, the wide opening of the Arab-Islamic gates and with the spread of Corona. As with the hare and the hedgehog: wherever defenders of the Basic Law rushed, Merkel was already present and created the facts. The journalists’ enthusiasm for the blatant disregard of the Bundestag speaks volumes. The start of a new world order cannot go fast enough for them. Long gone are the days of appearances at least.

This post first appeared on Ramin Bimani’s liberal watch.

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